Illegal Tricks

Tall claim, but best Nollie tre ever done, followed closely by his one down the Santa Monica triple

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That’s a nollie pressure flip.

In real time it looks lovely but the slo mo takes a lot away from it.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nice normal footed (i.e not switch) varial heel.

I’ve never landed one either. Thats probably why I don’t like them.

you take that back! varial heels look and feel great. some much variety as well, i like the ones that spin fast

Trying to dig one out – Lewis Marnell for Varial Heel, there is a few!

I would have to disagree, the sound of the pop is too crisp for it to be pressure, it looks like his pops it off the tip of his nose rather than a scoop.



That’ll do! Can’t fuck with the Boss.

Chico Brenes is allowed varial heels too, surely?
Chico should have diplomatic immunity in this thread.


you beat me to it. perfect

Not a trick, but it should be illegal to push followed immediately by a powerslide or powerslide followed by a push to build speed back up.

It’s illogical and counter productive.

The skateboarding equivalent of having a coffee before you go to bed.


Probably the best one ever and I still don’t really like the way it looks.

Fully illegal trick - A nollie varial heel. :nauseated_face:

used to be illegal but people are really popping them nowdays - fakie big spin (the beginner way)

some really good ones thrown about recently. struggling to remember what videos but deffo 2019

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Nollie V Heel at 2.15, tell me thats illegal Les.

Romar used to do a good one, he also made nollie bs 360 look good tho, a couple tricks that aren’t for the everyman

Any trick I do basically!

It does depend who is doing the tricks though and on what terrain. There are so many stinking tricks though. I always hated any flip tricks with more than a body 180. Any bigspin flips, lazer flips, nollie bigspins especially. All look messy, no chance of catching it neatly. Just spinny messes, although impressive of course. If someone does a boring looking gap then I prefer to see a stylish pop/catch trick, something standard but with their style showing.

Andrew Reynolds.

That is illegal neddy.

So good.

Calling out tricks as illegal should be illegal.