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So many experts on sex/gender issues in here. Why dont you guys help the nhs with your expertise, could lower the awful waiting times in those clinics.

we don’t need to be experts on it. this is about gender in skateboarding. we’re all skateboarders - there are no gender issues in skateboarding (for the most part)

perhaps if wider society was as inclusive as skateboarding we wouldn’t be having this discussion

it really sounds like you are the issue here to be fair. why are you trying to push this “they’re not women” “it shouldn’t be allowed” crap? if you want to come out or transition or whatever then we’re not stopping you. you’ll feel so much better if you stop carrying that weight


Ive not pushed anything, when did i state that? All i stated was that trans women are not women. Trans women are trans women, there are differences between a woman and a transwoman and sometimes i do think it needs to be addressed in certain situations. There is some nuance there and im not going to be blind to it to look good infront of anyone.

you know sometimes people like to not be dicks just because they don’t want to be dicks. you’re allowed to be nice without being a white knight. it’s not holier than thou, it’s just not being an ass

you just said it needs to be addressed in certain situations. skateboarding isn’t one of those. we are come one come all


Fuck me, a transgender woman is a female wether you like it or not. Of course there are differences but Gender isnt one of them.


I will go with the ‘will of the people’. Please vote

See i dont necessarily disagree with the “trans women are not women theyre trans women” part as the admittedly few trans women Ive spoken to about it arent trying to claim they are for want of a better term “natural women” they want to be identified as “trans women”. But the fact that you said “theyre men” kind of undermines your point. Unless you’re basing your argument on “do they have a dick” like some kind of trans guess who game which raises its own questions


As the Brexit Ref showed, unless polling shows one side has a huge lead, referendums just lead to more intense civil war *

*Nicola Sturgeon take note.


said in the same breath without a hint of irony lol


Oh my god.

He’s always been pretty mad but that’s taking things up a level I’d say.


He’s a awful, horrible little racist Michael Fabricant. Hope he dies soon.


If that’s the case fuck off to one of the Donbas front lines, dickhead.

Urrrgh, could go on a right rant….

How the fuck did Hancock, Boris and all the other PPE contract twats get away with it, this ex-MP gets 2 years in nick for £25k. Madness.


The Scottish government are only focussed on one thing, so it’s harder to distract people away from things like this. There isn’t enough else going on to cover it up. Tip of the iceberg in terms of SNP accounting failures anyway.

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Yer I don’t really know much about the SNP history so won’t comment.


Must have been pretty mental behaviour to feel you have to resign from the Tories.


Over drinks too, after pretty much all of them got away with the whole drink parties in lockdown.

“ Mr Pincher was reportedly drinking at Tory Party private members club the Carlton Club in Piccadilly when he is alleged to have groped two fellow male guests.”

That just sounds like a Tory party work meeting.