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Kwasi shouldn’t be singled out for this but he is very guilty of the, “what I would say”, syndrome.
You either are saying something or not.
If you ‘would’ say it, is that under other circumstances and not currently your opinion?
If that’s what you ‘would’ say, tell us what you ‘are’ saying.
Politician speak really gets on my tits.


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So the best way to treat an addict is to turn it into a bloody telly special?

“When I see a young man in trouble (who just happens to be a multi millionaire with celeb status) my ears prick up”

…and Bam being all, “I don’t trust doctors, but I trust you” seems a bit like ‘What’s the point in getting therapy if I can’t cash out?’, like only trying a trick when you’re being filmed.

Yeah true, he wanted a telly doctor and he got one

The Prime Minister has been found to have lied to the Queen (and well…us) and it’s not even worth maybe a mention?

This country is just gone at the moment. Absolutely gone.

It’s be cool if these, to reflect the current climate, could just say ‘REDACTED’.


automated text black-out


Haha yes!

I was trying to link a picture from twitter but it didnt work. Nothing scandalous.

Imagine if Boris ended up in jail. Street parties.


Who cares what the story is, here’s Viv Albertine in a rubber top

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If all this leads to the collapse of the conservative party it might all just be worth it

Unlikely, but it’s still a great picture. Viv rules.


wipes clean too, practical.

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Now I’m all for some Cameron bashing, more than up for it in fact but…

The Guardian has apologised for saying David Cameron had only felt “privileged pain” over the death of his son.

I don’t think that’s a very good thing to say myself.

Harsh as fuck to say something like that. Apology well deserved.

It’s actually messed up, someone should lose their job over that.

A mate at work asked people to post this, so I am doing

Just in case anybody needed reminding, fuck The Sun -


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