In the news thread

Are there any specifics out yet as to what the allegation might be? He’s going to be spending a lot of money of lawyers I feel!

Not very far away from this now.


Are the Tories keeping him in there simply so they don’t give Labour the glory of seeing him resign? I’m struggling to figure them out.

I don’t get it either. My theory is that they think if Boris resigns they won’t win the next election. I don’t think that’s possible, I’m pretty sure they’re here for the long haul, would love to see it though.

Who would replace him? Mogg or Patel would be an absolute horror show, I don’t know if my ticker could take it.

Theres twitter chat about this being a remainer plot… If Boris Goes, Brexit Goes…


Imagine tweeting this today.

Probably never used a strimmer in his life. Better get practising m8.

I know you should avoid comparing us with North Korea but this really sounds like it could be translated from there:

Why he hasn’t gone yet
The regicidal Tories won’t oust Boris until a successor steps up

Tories be like …

Tory Minister’s twin sons die after birth in hospital at the time of the parties and he couldn’t visit them or his wife due to Covid rules. And he thinks Boris should stay in post :exploding_head:

He is so slappable.

From the Sunday Times


Whenever I see things like I’m always totally unsurprised to see they have a better park than most anywhere near here


Wow that’s so sick. There must be more to the story though…like is there a general revival in the cholita culture? I’m gonna do some reading.

Just reading it now! Love it!


To be fair, he probably didn’t watch his own briefings and he can’t be expected to remember what he said…he was pissed after all


He made the laws and rules, haha! Or is Carrie really running the country?


I just don’t understand how you can say that when it was his fucking job.


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