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And what are you on about too? Listen to what you’re saying. Trivialising thousands of people dead like any of us have anything close to an answer or even a minuscule comprehension of what is actually happening. Get over yourselves

I don’t like it. Hamas isn’t Isis. It’s a very bad equivalence.

What are they? Nice guys? Are you able to rationalise the slaughter of 1400 people in revenge for something else and be the barometer of what’s appropriate? Get real mate

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Jess Phillips will be in Starmers cabinet end of next year. Bet you 50 quid

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It’s a unique situation absolutely no need to make it soundbitey or to fit with any existing narrative. I don’t like 10/7 because it suggests equivalence with 9/11 which is not a helpful way to frame it.

Seems like you’re the one talking in soundbites here tbh. I didn’t use the term.

Apologies for getting irate. It just seems pretty obvious that 7 weeks in and 11,320 dead in Gaza that Israel continue to do wtf they want without any limit. None of us have the answers but arguing about the Labour Party seems really really pointless and counter-productive in the context of things at home and the things we do have a tiny bit of control over.


This is exactly what agents acting in bad faith for the wider interests of common people in this country want as well. Centrists, democratic socialists and the various flavours flavours of “lefties” bickering amongst themselves and splitting their votes and weakening their collective stances so it’s not enough for a convincing defeat against the Conservatives/Reform/Farage/DUP types. The more people who fall on largely irrelevant ideological swords, as noble as their intentions are, the worse things are going to be for the left in the short to mid term at the very least. And I think that there are some on the left, certainly of Labour, that love being in this state of indignant defiance in the face of perceived oppression, sabre rattling and slogan chanting but far away from actual governance outside of their constituency. They actually want to be the heroic loser because it fits their personal outlook of the world through their lens of everything having an oppressor/oppressee dynamic.

Could be talking bollocks. Just want a peaceful 2-state solution and a few years where domestic politics becomes overtly boring again.


100%. Well said. The far right are absolutely dying for Starmer to call for the ‘ ceasefire ‘ then the cycle continues. The same far right that destroyed any hope of a solution 20 years ago.

I thought you wrote 10/7 I must have been mistaken…sorry…don’t know why I thought that. Been seeing that bandied around a lot and it’s a popular number with the Bobby Puleos of the world.

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This and…


Labour and Corbyn should be nowhere near front of mind for people or the media in my opinion. The current government/party are a total shitshow, you get rid of them first and then slate the next lot if need be. All this sort of talk potentially ends up helping the Tories stay in power and that can’t happen this time.


I think people actually like the drama. Living happily in peace is boring it seems.
As long as they are not suffering it’s just talking points to argue about.

Well said Jur
This is what pisses me off, why is it all about Labour all the time? It’s because most media outlets are run by Tory supporters/affiliates so they take the heat of them when shit happens and turns it on the opposition. I just wish people would see through that.

Would love a labour party with a bit more of a spine, charisma and full on anti brexit stance. Current options are shite.


Give it 20 years when a particular voting demographic are dead then they will , but always too late by then and will be another bout of hindsight.

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Tories will lose the next election and then be back again in no time. Appealing to the very worst in people never gets old. So they push it as far as they can, go a tiny bit far, dial it back a notch or two and hey presto.


Well let’s hope that labour get PR voting in place and that leads to the Conservative Party splitting up into centre right and the bat shit crazy right so they’ll never get a majority again .

How many times do we need it to be proven? This country will never elect a Labour Party with that much of a socialist spine. I just don’t understand why we expect anything else at this point

Don’t Labour oppose voting reform? Makes sense for both Labour and the Tories to do so because all it really serves to do is weaken their two-party stranglehold, and boost up the Lib Dems, Greens and Right Wing Nutters.

The president has been set. It’s legal and official to call a Tory scum.


I mean even Rayner calls them it…