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Michael Fabricant in his 40s attacks a class of 5 year olds outside their school in central Dublin - - local Brazilian delivery driver battered him with his helmet and a load of bystanders waded in to hospitalise the stabber and keep him there till police arrive.

Cut to later this evening.
The crime scene is close to some seriously shitty inner city flats and the police here are largely powerless to do anything to arrest/charge anybody under 18. As a result, the kids often act with impunity and many of these degenerates are involved in organised crime, racist/ anti-immigration violence, etc. Generally don’t give a fuck about anything, have zero skills at anything and go around in packs, generally being scum and making life difficult for everybody.

So, it came as no surprise to anybody here when earlier local scumlords kicked off, citing illegal immigrants as the cause for the stabbings and all their own problems, looted some trainer stores, smashed up local cafes and restaurants, burnt out a couple of buses, police cars and a goddamn 50m long light rail tram in the city centre using “protest” against foreigners as a cover for them to destroy the place. The usual wastemen scum agitators seem to be out in force.


This won’t help…

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who would’ve thought that an MMA fighter would be a total piece of shit


I’m confused where MMA comes into that?

Connor is just a piece of shit anyway, nothing to do with MMA

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Too many bangs on the head. Same with a lot of vert skaters. And Pat Duffy.

can you give me some examples of MMA fighters who aren’t total pieces of shit?


And too much coke up the nose in McGregor’s case!

Ironic that it was a Brazilian national who saved the day when those on the streets were demanding all foreigners leave.

Scrotes will use any excuse to smash up a McDonalds and loot the nearest JD Sports.


Leon Edwards, Tom Aspinall - both English. Volk from Australia seems like a sound guy too.

Can’t tar everyone with the same brush.

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i can and i will!

nah i’m generally just facetious all the time anyway but i get your point. Conor just seems to have always been an absolute twat and this doesn’t help

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GSP, Tom Aspinal, Jiri, Leon Edwards list goes on.

Arnold Allen who Iv worked with on content a few years ago is so funny, super quiet and humble.

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He’s been a bellend since the Mayweather fight. Before then he was funny and quite endearing. Then proper money happened.

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Professionals or amateurs?


You can apply my thoughts on people who like guns to people who like watching others get beat up :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:




Ahh, my daily dose of ‘twitter is a cesspit’! Thanks :blush:

Edit, for context, this ‘person’ or group was in the comments.


The only time I see people like that are on the news or on twitter. Thankfully in the world I experience day to day, most people are ok. The odd stressed out nutter but hey, we’ve all got our own pressures in life.

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“We are NOT a vigilante group”

Bro that is literally the definition of a vigilante group


‘Active Patriot’

Good luck hanging around schools with cameras.


that’s the bit i picked up on. what a bizarre American-ism.

edit - OMG the pictures :smiley: :smiley: -

groom dogs not children? house OUR homeless first? its literally right-wing-facist bingo