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To be fair, we don’t elect a PM, we elect MPs. They then form a government.

To be less fair to Boris, that’s not what he thinks. See the video above.

Ah didn’t watch that, I’m at work. But what Boris says, what’s real and what Boris thinks are three very different things, I feel.

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He’s my local MP and during the last election he was standing outside my station on a Monday morning handing out his own pamphlets. He had a coffee and it was really tempting to not bottoms up the thing onto his multi-million pound shirt.

Fuck off with bothering people already annoyed at having to go to work on a monday morning. At least the jehova’s witnesses stand in the parking lot with their bookshelves and bring girls.

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This (or one very similar) plopped up in my Twitter feed yesterday…

Edit: Sorry, ‘the owner of this video has disabled playback on other websites’.

The scale of the disruption from Heathrow airport’s expansion project has been revealed with the publication of detailed plans to lower the M25 for the third runway to cross, reroute rivers, replace utilities and build car parks for nearly 50,000 cars.


Wow, re routing rivers? Am I the new nostradamus? (more like predicting octopus)

I joke about America buying Britain out but damn, with the way it’s going it’s seeming more and more plausible.

It sounds very much like another HS2 to me.



Jeeeeez… as long as we get cheap t-shirts and phones though eh

Don’t worry, Boris has already said that he would lay down in front of the bulldozers to prevent it’s expansion.

Can anyone comment on how the debate is going

You know all the problems? Don’t worry about them anymore. Boris is on the case. It’s all sorted.

In seriousness if you want to follow British politics just read this guys tweets.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

Interesting to see what Trump, as a non believer in climate change has to say about Khan’s latest headline.

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