Injuries and treatment

I got some high strength stuff from H&B and it works well for anxiety/stress for me but it was half price. Full price which it is now, is £50 for 60 capsules. That’s the love hemp, 1,200mg capsules, 20mg CBD per capsule. I managed to get my second tub half price from another website but might be out of luck next time. It works very well for me at that strength but unless I can find offers it might work out expensive.

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Having real problems with my right ankle, constantly feeling like my ligaments and tendons are very tight. I love it around it crunches and clicks …

You know the drill man, either get it seen or ignore it and do some stretchy strength training ting.

If it’s a real issue please go see doctor, don’t be like me and just pretend it’ll go away

I bought a cheap balance board to do some ankle strengthening but it’s so flat on the bottom it’s not a challenge to balance on at all. Are they supposed to be like that or is it just shite? If they are then anyone got any exercise recommendations?

Shove a lacrosse ball underneath the board and then see. Those flat wedges they often come with are not taxing enough.

For ankle strengthening I’d recommend resistance bands - just basically wrap it around your foot, create some tension and do a ‘kickflip motion’ - playing around with the motion on the concentric and eccentric phases.

The insta skate doctor, @dr.kylebrown is good for skate related injuries and rehab. He often has solid ankle related videos.


Just saw this on insta.

Gutted for her. She’s got such good style on board.

Go Fund Me is the American NHS.


Been getting some weird cramps/strains dead centre in my right calf recently from pushing/popping. Same happened last winter and this has only started happening again now that the season is changing. I do a lot of yoga, bodyweight fitness and cycling, so I’m quite fit. Just annoyed that this is happening now, and that it’s in a hard to stretch part of the muscle, bah.

Anybody else get this at all?

It could be sciatica… not all sciatic pain is the classic shooting pain down the legs. Try doing some squats to improve your piriformis muscle.

I get similar calf pain if I’m sitting for long periods. I do squats with resistance bands to compensate. Seems to work. If you do a few reps a day you would tend to see an improvement in a couple of weeks.

I’ve started getting some lower back pain. No idea where to start. Anyone?

Go see a physio or get a sports massage. One of my discs was completely squished and he gave me a load of advice on what exercises to do to help it. I’ll try and dig out the pdf.


Could have a trapped nerve in your L4 L5 part of your lower back that needs releasing. It’s what skip and steve had due to sitting on a seat with bad support (cab) for long amounts of time.

Defo go to a physio , not a osteopath or chiropractor.


I’ve become slightly obsessed with climbing since the summer. Has anyone had any experience with Climber’s Elbow? I started getting a twinge around my medial epicondyle. I’ve taken a week off but it’s still twingeing. It’s not so painful I can’t climb but I don’t want to do any longer-lasting damage. I don’t want to go back too soon but I don’t want to lose all the strength I’ve built up over the past few months.

Yep. Get a really really light weight like a can of beans and hold it in your hand. Arm outstretched. Try and turn the can upside and back again. I used to do that a lot and it helped. I was trying to climb three times a week which maybe been too much anyway

Cheers. I’ve been doing loads of stuff like that. I was climbing three times a week and doing OK but I think I overdid it repeating a very particular move that didn’t agree with me. Do you think I need to be completely twinge free before I start climbing again? Or is it OK to carry on but just stay on easy routes for a bit.

I’m probably the wrong person for that kind of advice because I never wait to be “completely injury free” before doing what I want to do. When my arms were really tired I tended to do more bouldering instead of long routes though

I turned my ankle over a few weeks ago and am in 2 minds about getting a brace. I recall @Spanky and maybe @42069666 talking about this McDavid one. Would you recommend? I’m a bit worried about relying too much on it and think it might end up preventing the ankle from getting back up to full strength when its restricting the natural movement?

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1000000000% would recommend

They seem to last forever, I’ve had same one i skate in every week for over 15 years now. Check sizing carefully, I am a UK8 and take a size S iirc

I wouldn’t worry about relying on it. I have to as one turn could fuck me permanently. And then I got thinking ‘I got to wear one of these forever now when I skate…so what?’ so really doesn’t bother me any more

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ps I’ve worn one of these lace up supports on and off for the past 20 years, don’t worry about becoming dependent. Just lace them up looser and looser until there’s no point having it if you are that worried

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