Injuries and treatment

Mate I had it so bad for a while, about ten years ago, worst pain ever. All the way down my leg from my hip. They gave me a cortizone injection in the end which worked but until then nothing worked. It never came back after that

Also over use of Viagra can bring it on apparently lol

Mine is very mild, it’s just annoying. I think it does clear up by itself eventually.

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They told me years later after I got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis that it was most likely related to that

Pretty sure I have developed sciatica in my left bum/leg. Anyone ever dealt with it?

Yep! Am dealing with the exact same problem right now, even down to it being mild-but-annoying, but enough to keep me off the board. Basically couldn’t lift my leg whilst straightened without shooting pains.

For me it is definitely from working from home with a desk/screen setup that wasn’t right for 6 months and slowly fucking up my spine.

It is starting to get better after doing these exercises every night and going for an hour walk or every day when I can, as apparently exercise (even if it hurts) is good for it. To be fair though most places do say that it clears up after 4 to 5 weeks so it could be a bit of both.

I find squats and lunges help… it seems to be related either to lower disc issues or piriformis muscle issues. My sciatica seems to be caused by the latter so I use resistance bands most days to do some squats and lunges to help strengthen it. It takes a few weeks but it’s definitely help mine.

You know what I’m going to say… chiropractor :wink: In all seriousness, if you get no joy with anything else it’s certainly worth looking into.

Perhaps but in my experience a dedicated sports therapist is worth their weight in gold. I’m lucky it’s my brothers profession so he is able to give me stretches and exercises. He was even able to diagnose my rhabdomyolysis just from my description of symptoms which a hospital had to confirm later with blood tests.

I would also recommend orthotic insoles for every skater over the age of 25. It turns out that my leading leg is actually an inch shorter than my pushing leg. I think the pushing with my right leg or having my left leg in a constant knee bent position from rolling probably led to this (skating since I was 8… 41 now). So my left orthotic has a heel raise to compensate. I mainly wear them in my walking shoes and stick a loose heel raise in my skate shoes. I only wear the skate shoes for an hour or two while I skate and change back to walking shoes when done.

I wear orthotic insoles from this company:

They only take orders from sports therapists not from the public. They’re based in Cork but I’m sure there is a U.K. equivalent,

This is my back at the minute. I’ve developeda properkink in the last few weeks. It’s more obvious from the front but nobody wants to see that.

That’s not far off what mine was like. Sometimes the spasm will sort itself out. A bit of rest and icing and stretching, maybe some anti inflammatory gel/ tablets can do the trick. I have had it happen a few times and have managed to sort it. The chiropractor business was after a particularly catastrophic tweak. Definitely feel your pain though.

Yep, me too with the odd length legs. I was born with mild scoliosis, ( not Caballero levels of tweakage thankfully). So mild in fact that it was only diagnosed much later. Repeatedly rolling my right ankle, a break and two ops on my right knee only exasperated the issue. I’ve not been measured up for bespoke insoles but use over the counter orthotic insoles of slightly differing thicknesses to hopefully even things out a touch.

OOF that looks wrong. I have always have a little kink but could be fat displacement ha. I dunno. My physio was just planning on moving onto my body after concentrating on my leg first but then I slammed on my ribs again then lockdown. Can’t wait to go back.

Yeah I was basically advised… ‘wear these to stop your hips going out of whack down the line’.

I skate and swim most days. My skating is relatively low impact stuff. Curbs, mannys and flatground. I would recommend to anyone with back problems to try and swim. It’s one of the best things to develop core strength. I can get what it takes me 20 minutes (1km swim) in a pool would it would take me an hour or more in a gym to do. It’s a great all over body workout. Upper body, back, psoas muscle… my skating takes care of my legs and a few squats to keep my piriformis from acting up and keeping sciatica at bay.

But I appreciate that my circumstances are a little different from most people my age. But even once or twice a week and I reckon most everybody on here would feel the benefits.

My skating’s all low impact too. Although I can find myself getting caught up in doing one trick over and over until I get it how I want it and that repetition can wear down and stress specific body parts, so I try to realise when I slip into that and set myself a number of tries and stick to it…there’s always tomorrow.

As for swimming, I totally back that. I get up before 5am and let the dog out and feed the birds, have some water and a coffee. Stretch whilst listening to the shipping forecast and head down the beach with the wife and dog. We jog two miles, turn round and walk back a mile and I swim the last mile back and get my wife to carry my rucksack full of stuff and walk along the beach.

I do the swim all year round except when it’s too stormy-February this year was a bitch for that and I missed out on a couple of weeks. That made getting back in at the coldest time of year a struggle. I wear wetsuit gloves and socks from about mid October and also swim with fins in the winter through early spring as I find it’s a bit safer in the cold and in rougher conditions. The exercise itself in combination with water temperature feels like it does me a lot of good, and it’s something that makes you really conscious of the present.

As a bonus there have been some amazing sunrises of late with shoals of whitebait being predated on by jumping mackerel that I’ve been in the middle of. It sounds corny, but it makes you feel alive. I can’t recommend it enough.

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Fair play on the sea swims. I have never been able to take the cold. In fact as I get older I realise that I will have to settle somewhere warm. Since my work has taken me to so many different places over the past few years I’ve realised that a great deal of my unhappiness can be linked to waking up to cold, grey mornings with added damp. It’s something I had seriously underestimated. Constantly having to work your skates around the weather. Living abroad I soon realised how much it rains in Ireland/Britain and how in winter the damp just lingers so it never really drys.

Having lived in Mediterranean locations for extended periods and now being based in the Middle East I’ve come to appreciate a lack of air humidty. I can skate in 40 degree dry heats (nightime only) a lot easier than early 30’s with 80-90% humidity (Honk Kong being an example). So when I lived in HK I would skate Morrison Hill skatepark (you’d recognise it if you google it) every morning (it’s quite sheltered from the sun) but the humidity meant I would be a human puddle after 20-25 minutes Whereas where I am now in the Middle East I can skate quite easily for an hour at night (same temperature 0% humidity) and only be sweating moderately.

The heat definitely makes you feel more limber. I also trained as a lifeguard in my teenage years and had to listen to years of every single thing that can go wrong in the sea and what to look out for. I’ll basically only get in if your drowning:)

When it gets colder and darker I swim a bit later in the day for safety’s sake. I’ll have people ask me what it’s like in there and I can’t lie and will have to say, ‘horrible’ :wink:. Sitting in the steam room afterwards is a must.

I used to escape the British winter for warmer climes when I was younger. Leaving at the end of November and coming back at the end of February. Unfortunately, I was unable to keep that up as work commitments got in the way. It was ideal though. I’m getting creakier as time goes on and the damp and cold winters can drag on a bit. I would be happy with 25-30’degrees daily. That would be fine by me. Bill Hicks saying ‘ hot and sunny everyday, what are you? A fucking lizard?’ hits a chord with me. The winters seem longer every year. S.A.D. is real, ( I mean the condition, not the USC ledge skater. Although I don’t doubt he exists as well).

As for the dangers of getting in the sea. I grew up sailing and swimming, and pretty much lived on the beach. I did the lifeguarding medallion scheme through school too. It can be sketchy to say the least. I have had a couple near misses and have taken those as wake up calls to never be complacent. I’m lucky to have been given a second chance on those occasions. I don’t go in unless I’m 100% ok with it these days. The sea isn’t going anywhere, you can always go in later. I have known a few people to have been killed in the sea by not knowing what they’re doing… one of my friends went in and didn’t come out just this summer on the same stretch of water I swim in. The sea can be savage and needs to be treated with respect otherwise it’ll have you. Skateboarding has it’s risks but you’re not going to drown in a car park.

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