Instagram blowouts

Wow. Followed. Thats sick.


Tip tip. I love it already.


Now he’s just taking the piss…


What were we saying before about set ups making a difference?


He was one of the reasons I got myself a 9” set up.

I should have held off, bought a bit of 2x4, and saved a couple of quid.


Am I the only person who skates 8" these days? I swear in five years time you’ll all be skating 10"

7.75 mate and 129 equivalent trucks to match. It was perfectly fine for me when I was young so see no need to start riding a tank just coz I’m old now (though I would if it meant I could skate like Chico).

I’ve been happy with 8.25’s - and plan to keep that up - but being locked down in the sticks was another thing that tipped the scales to the 9”.

A big board and a set of soft wheels makes for a nicer skate on the roughness here.

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I have multiple setups.
7.875 popsicle with 139s.
8.125 square shape with 144s.
8.125 90s shape with 144s.
8.75 egg with 149s.

I skate them all, but prefer using certain boards for certain terrains.
Due to Covid, I’ve mainly been skating manual pads and a miniramp on my own this winter so I got my CK on and skated the big egg. Didn’t do that many flip tricks, haha.


love this guy


If some skaters age like fine wine, Chico is the motherfucking sassicaia of nollie heelflippers. Absolute legend.


Thanks, glad you like it.

The collection’s been slowly building over the years but my wants list is still very long! I’m always on the hunt for more. If anyone is holding on to early 90s stuff hit me up.

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Was never too fussed about Chico but can’t get enough the last few years. So rad to see him just shredding all the time. That 2x4 clip the other day was crazy.

This makes me want to do a 411 appreciation thread, that music just puts you in a good mood.

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The requiem for a screen collages on instagram are great.

Found the account through Quarter Snacks, looking forward to reading the interview later (done by our very own @PiledriverWaltz , unless I’ve got mixed up)

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I interviewed him once too, for something. He works designing for Santa Cruz, as I recall.

Didnt he post on the old forum too?

Bachgen cymraes?

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Dunno, sorry.

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