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I don’t know what someone would think of it seeing it for the first time now. It was pretty distasteful the first time round. Interesting and somewhat entertaining because, you know, NYC in the 90’s and ‘knowing’ almost everyone in it. I saw it a few times way back, but not given it a watch in at least twenty years. Playing catch up and watching as a proper grown up I’m not so sure it would fare too well. I mean it’s not as if you’ve missed out on seeing The Goonies ,it’s Kids.

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It does have it’s moments :joy:

I really like Kids I think it’s a great film. I like Gummo too. Ken Park felt contrived.


Fucking weird IG post. All it really did was make me think about how Gino isn’t the brightest


I think it still retains its shock value. As a time capsule of that period in post-aids NYC I imagine it was pretty accurate (I presume). Some of it is pretty dubious now in terms of subject matter, especially that first scene where he’s trying to seduce that quite obviously very underage girl.

But, if recent skateboarding events have shown us anything, it’s that that sort of behaviour still goes on.


I haven’t watched it for like ten years, but if I remember correctly, it annoyed me at the time that while Casper has a huge dose of Karma server to him, Telly pretty much gets away with all the sketchy stuff he gets up to right?

I guess Larry Clark isn’t choosing to judge the characters actions, but the guys get away with a lot.

Nah, he’s got AIDS and is the one spreading it. So I can’t imagine it ends well for him too. The homophobic stuff and beating in the park were terrible too.

Edit: Oops, should of done the spoiler tags too.


Oh ok I remember, Telly passes it on to Chloe Sevignys character and then Casper rapes her and catches AIDS.

Jesus, writing that out is dark

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Kids was pretty important for me.
it showed a side of skateboarding from a cool/ tough/ cinematic city at a time where the only access to American culture was through magazines and videos.
Yes, the story is brutal. The 90s weren’t pretty, things have progressed.
it also excels in that its a story with skateboarding as background, not main focus


Even at the time, and more so now obviously, I thought it just made skaters look like a bunch of fucking total absolute cnuts.

Maybe that was the intention but I don’t get the artistic point being made, if there is one.

You’ve got someone being trucked in Central Park a la Dan The Security Guard at Black Rock. You’ve got AIDS rapists a la Johan Stuckey going round giving everyone STD’s.

It was fucking lame, other than seeing skaters on the telly. If I wanted that I’d watch this:

What a gem!

Cattle seriously letting the side down there :joy:

Jesus, I’d almost forgot how insufferable Joe Pasquale is/was.

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Not that anyone asked but I thought Kids was really embarrassing to watch when it came out, probably would be excruciating to watch nowadays.

It’s important for sure culturally-speaking but does that make it good/enjoyable/valuable for me personally? Nah.

I ended up spending the afternoon showing Chloe Sevigny around town when she came to London to do press for Kids, cmoac. We went to Slam and a party in Islington.


What the fuck was Joe Pasquale on? Made a right tit of himself.

ETA Cattle was probably boiling in rage at the twat :rofl:


There is almost nobody as lame. So uncool.


Just lovely! Text book flip in

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At Mach Busenitz.

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