Instagram blowouts

How the fuck do you frontside flip out of the lip on a concrete bowl so casually, the man is a wizard


360 flip onto the block is crazy!


Yeah the big spin is great and all but I’m more stoked by the tre. There’s a reason you don’t see a lot of tre flips up or over things especially considering it’s such an iconic trick to have on lock

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8:58, switch here! Mental, especially as those stairs are longer than your usual stairs.

yeah but its Worrest. he’s the exception to the rule. when i think of tre up things he’s one of the few regulars who comes to mind (especially at that spot)

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Worrest is the best.
Alley-oop frontside flip up the 3 at Pulaski too, damn.

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i remember posting here before that he didn’t seem particularly productive in terms of footage and someone (possibly you) made me realise that he puts out fuck tons of footage. just a lot of it is at similar spots and for some reason a lot of it has blended into one in my mind

like Kalis he has a timeless style and i will happily watch his old footage, new footage, whatever

He had 3 sections in 2014 alone, that’s more footage than Gino got in 30 years.


Look at that line at 2:05 in the Quartersnacks part, that quick switch push-it shove, nobody else does shit like this. So ill.

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Never seen that Luxury part before. Great stuff


There was definitely a couple of years where he wasn’t very productive and seemed to be piling out a bit, but then he totally turned it around.


He definitely went through a mid-career period of not doing much and then all of a sudden got on Nike and put out a million parts

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I thought it started before he got on Nike, he was wearing Huf’s in that hometown part if I remember correctly.

I think that Hometown Turf Killer is one of my all time favourite parts, and is probably - objectively and scientifically speaking - one of the all time greatest parts. Like top 5 or something.




First try too

Guess I should go ahead and follow this advice then


Kind of had to be

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