Instagram blowouts

But I wasn’t talking about those :man_shrugging:

This just popped up on my feed and I thought it was really low level for anyone on a big brand Co. Part of a trend in the last few weeks.

I’m not saying it’s super duper easy. Seeing a trick I could conceivably have at least a go at doesn’t really stoke me out (personally).

…and as if I have the VHS master tapes of those beauties.

I do know that a lot of companies have mentioned the worry around lack of content post-pandemic.

1/4 of the year, gone…nothing being shot (mostly).
I’m currently shooting something which is due out next week so turnaround times are screwed right now.

I heard Thrasher is worried about holding onto their pace which is why we will probably be seeing a lot of non-US content in the coming months.

Mad times.

It’s New Zealand skaters time to shine!

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And Sweden

Old post but if JB had a part like this for primitive I’d be stoked

Manual magazine has some bits but NZ is in winter and most clips are car park footage with no indoor parks.

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@maxcouling from @ubgvxhd’s latest edit that’s sweeping the interweb. 👏 Watch it now at

A post shared by Manual Magazine (@manualmagazine) on Jun 25, 2020 at 3:15am PDT

Pretty sure i’ve see one of these in s plan b video bitd…

Talking of Plan-B, new footage?


Boardslide/5050 > 5050/Boardslide

Yeah but I bet Mason could make them both look sick

Is that the same rail Louie Lopez did boardslide to five o on? Both are so sick…

I can’t find it - although only scanned his Insta and watched his Purple part.



Not sure what’s happened there but I did place between those ‘insert Finbarr Saunders image here’.

I actually assumed that there was something Finbarr like - but the quote was solid enough to do the job.


So good!


i know Nyjah divides opinion a lot but jesus christ

that rail should not be hit in a line


Well filmed too! Although the flyaway at the end was a bit excessive


Why is he skating in his boxer shorts?


That’s just Nyjah, weird scooter kid outfits

He has really, really stuck to his guns with those shorts/boxers, makes you wonder if he even bothers with trousers at all now.

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