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Fuck Skate 4 looks sick. Hopefully they can loosen up the character models so it’s not so stiff though.


It’s his skateboarding version of the Hugh Hefner look.

scenery looks pretty realistic too, I hope the rest of the map looks as good but as you say, character looseness needs some work, still a bit cyborg. XL went too loose though, it’s like the skater dies and leaves the body as soon as you start to not make a trick.

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You genuinely made me go and rewatch that in case it was a game and not real footage, fuckers

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That filming made me feel sick. Trick is mad though, can’t deny that.

Technically Dyrdek skated it in a line first

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Today I found out that DC put a fake square rail over the top of that rail for Dyrdek’s famous shoe ad, so it was easier to skate

The did a “making of” for the commercial. I think it was in a 411VM. They showed them making that and laying it over the top.

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Didn’t the city make DC put a protective covering over it, as not the damage city property? As they needed permits, ect to film it and the only way to do that was put a square rail over it?

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Someone said it was aluminium in another video and didn’t grind well. Why the fuck would you skate an unskateable twenty stair rail

Oh really? Ok I guess that’s a bit more acceptable.

Not that 5050ing a square 20 stair is that much easier than a round one anyway…

Funny how the 20 stair 5050 isn’t even the ender

Nyjah waxes most of the handrails he skates.

Another fun fact is all the girls had to run after him in silence pretending to scream and it was dubbed on after, as it kept putting him off.


Have never regarded dyrdek as a big rail skater so when this dropped, metal handrail condom or not, I was pleasantly surprised that he’d done it. And under a lot of pressure.
I remember it having to be covered as well


Do you reckon it was a make more than once while they got everything shot right?

14.45 onwards

I would be furious if I’d have to make something like that more than once. The filmers are supposed to be pros as well. Am sure the video would be the only make!

This is the dude from Live from Antarctica isn’t it?


That was sick.

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Yep. Same dude. I think he works for Palace these days.

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