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Remember seeing a somewhat ‘behind the scenes’ Insta story of one of Mariano’s recent tricks that Atiba also shot a photo of.

It’s a ledge combo and in the clip, Atiba is stood at the end of the ledge, blank facial expression, camera on a tripod and just hitting the shutter button when Mariano’s nearby.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen a photographer look like they less of a gives a fuck about what they were shooting.


To be fair to him Id put in the same effort to document a smith grind laser flip out so I can’t really fault him not giving a shit

What would the incorrect content be?

Another Jenkem article about actually doing Jenkem?

I think it’s been great lately. Neuroscientist x Karl Watson was brilliant.

Edit: Went to check the site there and there’s an article I told them I’d do, and then didn’t do, that somebody else has done. So it’s good they listen to new ideas. Also the third book is on the way. Slowly.

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Got the first book, damn missed the second. Will keep an eye out for the third when it finally arrives.

First one is completely pointless, it’s stuff that ran online, exactly as it was. Second one is OC and really good.

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I seem to remember a similar experience with a certain Euro editor bitd…

What I meant by correct was “come correct” as in doing something proper and worthwhile.

I get the impression Atiba has been over shooting skating for years.
His older photos were far better…


Ha. It was actually a nice trick. Front board pop up to switch nosegrind on a double sided ledge - or something along those lines.

Think it’s safe to say that post-Number’s Mariano’s thing is more tasteful tech.


I reckon Mariano goes around finding weird spots and throws numerous turds at it until one of them sticks and it gets uploaded to insta

Isn’t that just skateboarding?


Nah that’s Conor Charleson. I read that in an interview.


Haha Conor is definitely that guy. All hail Commander Keen.


I really enjoyed this. Seems like a nice dude.

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


That was great. Daclin gets a bit of a grilling mind

Yes and no.
When Pontus wanted to ride his massive boards, skaters just weren’t riding that stuff like they are today.
Also, Cliché was running a tighter ship back then.

Pontus is cool but the road goes both ways. There are plenty of stories about his messed up antics too.

Reading the interview it’s pretty obvious he was destined to start his own company with his vision.

I like what he said about being careful to get riders to try stuff on spots. I kind of wish people did this more often. I would also aim this at photographers and filmers with the classic “Can you do that again?” line. How many times has that ended in disaster? The skater needs to make sure the photographer and filmer are ready and the they also need to double check themselves. Especially in today’s high stakes games.


That bit about being on a tour with “a really hot shot photographer, and the manager of the brand” reeks of bullshit.

Even if it did go down, theres no way it was with language like that.


Probably atiba

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