Interview Thread

He’s popping up all over the place.

Haven’t had time to listen to this yet but I imagine that it will be interesting.

Alvin Singfield, formerly of Faze 7 during the glory days when Burlo et al distro’d World, etnies etc etc.
Alvin was TM/marketing guy and was instrumental in establishing Panic & Blueprint.


Meant to listen to that too, will put it on tomorrow at work. Mat’s a good dude, should be interesting

I got sent this last week…Listened for a while and then skipped forward to gauge where his head was at, and his memory was all over the place on the era I knew him best.
I decided to leave it there at that point.

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Nonetheless, he was in an important position at a very crucial time (very early 90s) so this is valuable cultural shit.

I can only imagine how much a certain person will be fuming about it too.


I always got on well with Alvin.


Yeah, I always got on with Alvin.

It’s not like there was anything to make anyone look bad in the parts I heard - but it wasn’t exactly right as others might remember it.

…and that other person…I mean…his memory ain’t too hot, either, right? ha ha.

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I’ll give that a listen. I met Alvin back in the 80’s when he was on holiday for a week or so in Dorset. At the time he claimed his name was Fred and told many a ‘tall tale’ like how he worked in Slam, (he had a stack of Slam stickers to back it up) and how his mum kicked the Gonz out of his house for eating too much toast or something, haha. He also rode a different set up everyday for the first few days. He was a laugh though and spent more time eating - memorably chicken and chips everyday - than skating. I had the feeling he thought he was pulling the wool over the parochial locals’ eyes. Just to let you know Alvin, you weren’t :wink::joy:


I don’t even care if this is actual truth or not. I’m going with it.

That was the actual claim, for sure. There were loads of others that have faded over time but that one stuck with me. It’s a classic, eh?

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For me, its the truth. Gold.

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Alwyn helped me out greatly with Faze 7 flow. Always grateful but he was a little on the delusional side too.

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Yeah, the only thing I ever hear about him is that he has delusions of grandeur and tells the biggest whoppers ever. Literally cannot stop bullshitting.


Heckride interview with Strobeck


Not sure where this should go. Not really an interview but here you go…

Radio 4 obit. programme : Paul Van Doren.

Wouldn’t usually post Nine Club interviews but Jamie has some interesting nerdery with his gear and technique. Also comes across as very professional.
The chat about fs crook at El Toro and Atiba asking him to do it again kind of makes Atiba sound like a knob.

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Thought all this was discussed in his last 9 club but will still go in



Absolutely love pro’s who nerd out on shit. One of my favourites in recent memory was Ishod talking about round rails (and in fact Ishod talking about anything skateboarding)

It’s nice when pro skaters turn out to be huge skate nerds too

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I got the impression listening to Jamie Foy was that he really knew his board because he knew it was the main tool to do his job.

When Jenkem come through with the correct content

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