Jake Phelps RIP

RIP. For all you can say about his persona, he was a skateboarder and skated.

RIP Big man x

RIP Phelps

So passionate about skating. He will be missed, RIP.

Rest in peace.

A life time of commitment.

Damn. A big loss. RIP.

Sad stuff.


Woah unexpected news. Was never his biggest fan, but you can’t help but admire his passion for skateboarding and no matter what he said and did this is what always shone through. It was never malicious but for the good of skateboarding.

Shocking to read about Phelps this morning - he was an interesting character.

56 is too young.

Crazy news. I don’t think anyone here would suggest he’s a hero or anything, but the impact he’s had on skateboarding is undeniably positive and massive. Hopefully Thrasher carries it on in a similar vein without him at the helm.


Was pretty shocked to read that this morning, he’s one of those characters who you just sort of assume will live forever and be a constant presence

Not his biggest fan but always respected his passion.


RIP Phelper, what the hell…

Fuck. The sort of person you just expected to live forever. I wasn’t a fan of his personality, but, I respected everyyhing he did for skateboarding and admired his passion.

56 is no age. RIP

Dude was a fucking Bellend but I still feel sad and shock out of respect. He had his ideas about skateboarding and I really respect his commitment. And to be honest, his ideas are truer to the original ethos of skateboarding that was set by the first hardcore skaters rather than my tepid wishy washy moral veiw.


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What cuntflambe said.

Rest in Peace. Whatever is flaws, 100% Skateboarder.

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He was a marmite sandwich, but a good sandwich none the less.

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Boil the Ocean wrote a great piece: