Jeremy Wray - the most underrated street skater of all time?

This might be ABP but I don’t care…

This dude was so far ahead of the game that it’s insane that he hasn’t got the ‘legend’ hook up props he deserves, still…

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Since it’s referenced in the Jenkem video.



One of the best ever. Like you said, way ahead. Maybe he was just not as cool and out there character wise and was always on sinking ship companies. Some big characters were coming into the game around his heyday, ones that would attract fans. Even on his teams there was always bigger characters that were not as good as him on a board but would get the light.
I think he’s just maybe not into blowing his own and trying to stay in the game?
Although he did do some plugging on his nine club.
Dude just seems like a decent, modest guy.

He also looks like Shane O’Neill’s uncle.

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He has a company with his brother. Wray bros.

Top heelflip.
Looked as comfortable as Penny going down the school stair run.
Monster Ollie.
What’s not to like?
Had one of his Plan B boards and it was like if Michael Jordan was ollieing, floaty as fuck

I remember the screaming as he landed that frontside flip down Carlsbad at that Second Hand Smoke premiere near SB, people were totally losing it

Reckon he’s all time top 3 (maybe 5) for me tbh!

Did he film a kickflip everyday for a year recently on insta or am I imagining that?

A lot of pros party when they get a clip, homeboy filmed one of the gnarliest tricks ever, out of the blue, before filming trick tip vids. What a legend.

He was always one of my favourites when I was a kid.
His section in Plan B The Revolution was splendid but it seems like no one ever uploaded it.

I’d kill to have frontside 360s like him. Or even shitty ones, haha.

He draws and paints lovely stuff.

Yes he did. A kickflip every day for a year and then a different trick every day for a year the year after that! LEGEND.

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Still don’t know how he does that FS flip in size 13s or whatever on that toothpick board with feet in ollie position


I like in the video he says because he ollied it he could BS180 or FS180 or even kick flip it which is mental

Got a lot of love for Jeremy Wray, always enjoyed watching his Second Hand Smoke part.

Fairly humble guy, too.

Always thought Element should have made more of him - maybe if they hadn’t pushed Bam so hard in the early-mid 00’s he would have become their flagship pro instead


I seem to remember in his nine club interview he says Element basically ignored him.

Check his blockhead part, popping tricks high in 92 when everyone else was skibbling around on the floor.

I can’t remember his past (truck and wheel) sponsors off the top of my head but I mentioned in the SOTY thread about the SF monopoly… Indy/Thunder/Spitfire coupled with the fact he was never on a massive shoe brand either, (Adio probably the biggest) Transworld and Thrasher both pushed him a bunch but all his famous photos were for the mag rather than ads… Triple set ollie was a poster in Transworld, water towers cover of Thrasher. He didn’t have a seminal video part either, his gnarliest stuff in Transworld was always part of montages. If he’d have had a Ty Evans made part released around the Sorry/THPS2 era I think it would have cemented him as one of the best ever.

Adio was probably his biggest part (that video was huge at the time), but he sort of needed a big follow up later that decade, which never really came. Did he have an Element part at all (Elementality?).

Can’t recall what shoe sponsor he had after Adio. Surprised he never got on Etnies.

He’s massively underrated, I just hope he got some decent money in the Adio days.