Joe Hinson 'Britannia' section

We may have lost the Euros, but Joe taps into this nation’s deep seam of jingoism in naming his new section:


The filming was a lot better than his last part out. Definitely a better watch.

I’m never gunna massively be into Joe Hinson because it’s not my kind of skating or style, he is obviously fucking good though.

The run up roll out thing bothers me - there were spots in there we would have just flipped the stoppers with a crowbar, and never used wood.

Glad someone 360 Flipped Lipped the Silver MK 9 - tried it with Watts a bunch of times couldn’t roll it.

Flip Fs Bluntsides are dope.

More other things not just stairs and rails.

6/10 deserves a thread though.

Skating was good.

Could the song have been any shitter though?


I thought of Tom Watts when watching this due to the amount of hammers going down. The I could only think of his super tight jeans.

Wood in and out is so illegal.


Rail after rail.

Big up hitchin though.

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Given that Britain generally lacks big rail spots, it’s impressive he’s managed to work this well with what we’ve got. Ender was gnarly. Fair play.

What strikes me is why someone this good with clearly the ability to skate big stuff is skating for a Canadian board brand? Is it because Europe is lacking in a suitable board brand? We’ve full of small brands with a couple of premium brands at the top. Granted, Darkstar is better than Jart. But still, seems odd that there’s nowhere in Europe for a skater like him


Are Darkstar Canadian? Thought they were a Dwindle brand. I think riding for Darkstar is a good fit and they’re actually giving him his shine, unlike Mikey Wright/Vile (I forget which) riding for Almost flow or whatever. He’s (sort of) building a profile in America but doing it whilst staying in Britain.

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Pretty much what I was going to say. This part would be pretty good if it was filmed on perfect Cali spots, but given that it’s filmed in drizzly British business parks and industrial estates you can’t take anything away from him for using sheets of hardboard.

Gnarly as fuck and I guess being on Darkstar is a step up from Euro board brands if you’re talking purely in terms of sales and exposure.

He’s a great skater and hits gnarly rails but speaking to other skaters of his age group, that know him pretty well he has a bit of a rep that is probably why he’s not got further.?
I could be completely misinformed and will hold my hands up if I’m wrong.

In his defence he’s directly on with Darkstar right? Its not just through Shiner.

Does Mike Wright still skate? He’s got to be early 30s right? He was everywhere then disappeared

Gnarly guys gonna gnarl. We all know a guy like that. You might be wrong but I bet you’re not :smiley:

Wasn’t his ender in the last Darkstar part a fifty on the same rail? Is that not odd to marginally one up yourself as an ender to your next part?

He really does fucking have it and while the filming was better in this part, I just feel like he is let down by the edit constantly - because that part had some bonkers shit in there but it just was presented fairly badly.

It’s a shame Darkstar/Dwindle don’t take more creative control in that respect to fine tune this stuff.

But yeah, respect where it’s due. He’s a gnarler.


Not to the insane levels he once did but he’s still doing bits over in Hebden. Spoke to him the other day and he said he was coaching at the local park.

Yep this was odd. Also taking a 5050 down to smith isn’t really that much of a one up is it. Just seems like a cop out.

Awful song. Awful edit. Bonkers rail skateboarding.


Yep. He’s listed on their website alongside PLG, Lutzka and Adam Dyet.

Oh I just presumed it was a distro thing. If he’s fully on then good for him

Imagine that Christmas party


He’s like the UK’s Clive Dixon.

I say that with no hint of a compliment. Also, he seems to love a bit of an excessive crouch on landing.

damn! that was gnarls barkley.
I shudder to think how rotten those rails must be.
the lines were a welcome touch

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