Joe Hinson 'Britannia' section

Sick to see somebody skate the kind of UK secondary school/ town centre/ industrial estate rails you’d look at as a kid and dream about someobody hitting, always seem to have something wrong with them


360 flip lip was great. It’s not really my sort of thing but he’s obviously very good.

It is weird that he’s on Darkstar, and weird that Darkstar are still going.

Enjoyed that, a marked improvement on his last part. I liked the kickflip crook very much.

That was mental.

The wood run ups and outs make it even gnarlier. No idea if it will give way just as you’re about to put your body on the line.

360 flip lipping a British handrail? Wow.




Always liked Dave Bachinsky

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Not following?

You can bet your flaming galah I’m not!


That’s amazing! Hahaha!


im mates with someone who skates with him fairly regularly. seems a nice enough guy but who knows. i’m not going to ask him if he thinks he’s a brian tbf

weird seeing my local town and lots of East Anglia on a video of someone crushing rails. that cathedral is 2 minutes from my car park spot. hope Joe doesn’t come blow it up

additional filming - Alex Decunha. ahhhh explains it all


Shiner don’t distro Darkstar - it’s through Dwindle and yes, he’s on a direct euro deal I believe

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Joe is not a Brian, he is however somewhat socially awkward etc which may be read as ‘not cool’ or whatever.
I do find it weird that he’s not in UK mags at all these days given the undeniably insane shit he does. Bit sad to be ignored like that


Tbf I don’t want to see a Darkstar board in a magazine I like.


Talent is talent: even more so given the dearth of shit to get that gnarly on in this country.
Fifteen years ago he would’ve been on the cover of Sidewalk/Document etc numerous times.
Cool guying people is wank.


Former Olympic hopeful Alex Decunah should be in the mags, then? He can do loads of tricks, by all accounts.

No, most of his trick’s look shit, Hinson’s don’t.

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Yes he should.

Aesthetically speaking I cannot believe that people don’t want to see well shot photographs of massive UK handrails getting frontside bluntslid just because it’s cooler to like people in big trousers bumping into things and calling riding up banks ‘wall rides’.


I am of course being deliberately obstinate here but the truth is that ‘curating culture’ and ‘cool guying people based on absurd and out of date supposed rules’ are not the same thing.

I dislike snobbery, particularly when it’s applied to pissing about on a toy.
That said, who cares? It’s only the documentation of UK skateboarding history at stake right? It’s not as if that’s important…


That is one crusty spot.


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