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i think, and i could be wrong, that @buildafire is only particularly upset about the Darkstar thing

it is such a trip seeing American style rail skating on UK crust. regardless of whether you like his tricks or whatevs

he seems really good at hucking tricks down things. i’d like to see more of that! (less hardflips though)

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Yeah, is anybody signing with a brand like that, in the UK, and expecting coverage over somebody on, say, Palace, Isle, TNSC, Cafe, Death, Fabric etc.?

Seems like a ‘straight to the US for me!’ kind of statement. Glad to see Dee off DGK and on The National, and Sam Beckett suits Madness and vert is different anyway, but if Dwindle aren’t advertising in the mags I can’t imagine he’s bothered about not being in them.

Haven’t watched this yet, I’m looking forward to it, but surely we can agree that some people just aren’t magazine people?

I do. Joe has a good style too.

I don’t want to see DeCuna though.


Thats pretty much the whole UK industry at this point I think.

Which bit?

The cool guying bit.

Is it?
Genuine question as I’m not really involved in ‘the industry’ at all these days.
I thought everything was more inclusive these days? Is it not?
I see all the mags but I guess I don’t know what the backroom situation is any more.

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Neither do I, have been helping out with a mates shop in Oxford. I probably need to read more mags – just feel like theres about 4 worthwhile UK brands. Palace, National, Skate Cafe, Yardsale.

I need to branch out.

I guess that’s the change then, viability/legitimacy dictated by brand rather than by viewing skaters are individual talents?

I don’t care which board brand someone is repping if they’re doing paradigm shifting level stuff.

With that above said, I’m under no illusions - Uk skate content was dictated to by blueprint etc in the older days. Well, until ads started getting pulled due to lack of US rider coverage that is.

unfortunately they seem to be “Boards only” now. since they came back i wondered if they’d build a new team but nothing coming afaik

Fabric has been a Native shop brand for well over a year (maybe 2)

OK, I thought it had come back a bit, recently. That sort of thing though.

yeah i’ve been buying them from Native religiously. really like them. they’re pressed by Control woodshop out in Canada. really decent quality

I know they’re popular but nothing Yardsale have ever done has endeared me to them at all. The brand screams Peckham wanker to me.

Def forgetting Isle though!


Is Isle U.K.?

It is right? Surely.

Is it?

I dunno. I need to read more shit other than Dadding it up on here all the time. Get back down with the kids.

Of course it is. It’s Shier and Chris Aylen. As far as I know.

Both of whom rule.

Yeah. And Jensen on art direction.

@neddy made me doubt my own brain


My bad

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