John's Vid

Nik Stain
Andrew Wilson
Cyrus Bennett
Max Palmer


Fucking catch on the fs blunt flip out at 1:30.

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Gunna watch in a sec. Is this a Hockey vid?

I don’t know who these brares ride for.

Just a Johnny Wilson vid. However, sponsored by Nike SB.

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Rad will give it a watch this evening.

Whose Johnny Wilson?

Wowsers. Super good all round… but Loose Trucks Max, Loose Trucks Max, Loose Trucks Max! and Wu to finish it off to leave you with that ear worm after a pre skate viewing. Please don’t rain tomorrow.

Here a lot. Guess I don’t look at filmers anymore.

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2020 just been saved.

Oh great another trouser thread


Forrest gunna do that Friday.

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These guys are a bit underground and so it would do them justice putting the names on the screen.

Cyrus is a joke good.

They all are. Stain is the perfect example of it’s not what you do but how you do it.

No bullshit just good skating, filmed and edited well.

Lovely stuff.

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Got some catching up to do :wink:

Watched that t’other day, was on Slap.

Hit the link. There’s pretty much all the Johnny Wilson vids on there.


Yeah that long one was probably THE best ever.

Besides Wu Welsh pop out one in Milton Keynes and Drake Jones in Non Fiction.


Such a good video. Jonny Wilson stuff is always dope, love the soundtracks too. Seems like all the skaters featured are putting out some of their best stuff yet, like the best part of their different strengths has gone turbo in this clip!

Cyrus = power and insane levels of good.

Middle part lacked something for me.

Stain = great ender and the skater I’m probably jealous of the most. Everything stylish and everything done proper!

Fucking hell, that was incredible.

Spots, speed, soul.

California looks so boring on video.

Who’s the leather jacket/bar tender dude?
He always has cameos in Wilson’s clip.
Mosher power

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