John's Vid

He’s called John Francomacaro I think! So good to watch. Does some good stuff in the second 917 video.

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Just finished watching too.
I’m gonna say it, if you’re gonna do the “modern” filming thing that I can’t shut up about, then that’s how you fucking do it! Was a few shite clips but must have been other filmers. Every trick caught, no rushing to get the trick, plenty of run in, run out, face, aftermath, None of this just film the feet because they can’t zoom out quick enough from their facial. Props that dude!
Skating wise, fuck yes!, all the main dudes on this did ace stuff, quirky but legit, powerful and fast. Loved it. I really love Max’s barely legit tiny grind/slides.

He pops up in Spirit Quest alongside Daniel Kim, I think - maybe a Stingwater connection(?)

Agree the filming was very good. He has a knack for capturing the skater moving from one side of the frame to the other, which works really nicely with HD fisheye and the wider aspect ratio.

Did Max palmer break his leg?! Looked gnarly.

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I think that’s a gash but I only saw what you saw.

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Always get so stoked on Cyrus Bennett footage. Some of the manuals in this thing are wild!

This sick photo of that Franco from A Brief Glance, it’s a bad quality screengrab but sick switch roll in

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rudimentary peni and kerri chandler in the same vid, very cool. interesting how he threw in some random b roll from some way older vids too. whole thing was sick, hyped to see stu kirst land that fucking wall.


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Er…? He’s pretty easy on the eyes but hardly pushes skateboarding like Hawk, Carroll, Reynolds, Arto or Ishod did. Cool outfits and long manuals are a thing but Mason and Knox probably do more interesting, creative and/or gnarly stuff in a week than he did this year.


Cyrus has ascended to Godhead status. Fucking wild. His flick is just incredible.
Max is a wizard.
Not sure how anyone could think Nik Stain isn’t gnarly? Yes, he stays close to the ground but hitting anything at all at the speed he goes would be terrifying.


NYC guy who works for Nike SB. He films their guys there and makes unbranded Nike SB videos which are usually really sick and the antithesis of the California branded SB videos.

Johns video is siiiiiick. Cyrus and Palmer are rad. Nik, too…And Andrew. Wait…I just liked everyone.
Video is cool…Just feel like it has feeling.


lol. replied thinking Needy was last to post…not realising there was a whole convo below.

This is it isn’t it. The thing that you want from a video but you just can’t fake.

yeah - its like that Louie/Mason video you shared. That had a feeling because they were “vibing” (as they put it).
Obviously they are two very heavy skaters who I think will likely be all time greats but maybe without them two working on a part together where you can feel that relationship and always separating their clips, you’ll never get that John’s Vid type feeling from them?


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Yeah it would be pretty cool if Ryan Lee put out another video focusing on those dudes and close friends. Obviously would have a completely different feel to ‘Johns Vid’ but hopefully those relationships would also create that ‘feeling’ :man_shrugging:t2:

Probably tough as he works for Cons and Mason is a Nike guy. but yeah, totally in agreement.

Not as cool as Lee Ryan putting out a part. Bet he’s got a mean stationary varial flip.


My kinda guy

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what a fucking vid

so good it makes me wish i could skate in nikes