King Jah



Wow. Turn the music off though haha.


You said that then Rick Ross starts blasting! Other two songs were shit. This is leagues ahead of what he released the other day. TJ will still get sexy skateboarder of the year.


Love him or hate him this is bonkers from start to finish. Probably the most watchable Nyjah part he’s put out, and a lot of that comes down to the filming and editing. Ty out, Ant Travis in and we have a much better viewing experience.

Nice to see tricks other than him just “sending it” too.

Still isn’t my bag, but that part was pretty undeniable.


I like the handrail lines with small handrail first, or tech ledge trick.

Everything I saw was full send!

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That was fucking insane. Last trick was just silly. Too many ridiculous tricks in there to comprehend, and the audacity to do it all in tennis shorts as well. If you’re hating on this you just a bitch at this point. It’s time for thrasher to cave in and give King Jah his throne

I thought the last song worked pretty well for how epic everything was getting. Second song was ass but that’s Jah and probably a lot of his fanbase’s groove I guess.

Weird how him and Ty had been pimping this part they’d been working on for years and then it turns out to be a secondary part to another 2 weeks later. I wonder if Nyjah got halfway through and was like “errr this is gonna turn out shit” and started filming with Ant Travis on the sly

TLDR: Full Send. Bow down to King Nigel


I can think of 1 manual trick and a tech ledge trick.

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There was a lot of smaller tech handrail skating as well.
Half can crook, Nollie back heel out.

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Gifted Hater was right, ‘Nyjah better’

He’s undeniably the best. Switch heel front smith on a handrail as well, didn’t know Nyjah was tech like that. Can’t hate on his skating anymore - I’ll rewatch that part, which is a thing I never thought I’d say.

Just for the sake on balance though, the no pop fakie shuv was bad.


As tech as this is, it shouldn’t be done.

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Wasn’t there a Nollie heel back smith not feeling that either

Yep. Probably even more illegal


I was as impressed by the hill bomb power slides as the handrail hammers, but really I expected the hardest tricks on the hardest handrails in the hardest outfits and I got what I was looking for.

I think Nyjah actually has great style when he’s doing lines. It’s hard to equate that with the crazy foot placements he uses for some of his one off tech hammers and his ‘leggings and Monster hat’ gear combos. He’s a man of contrasts and iconoclastic choices which make him uniquely positioned in skateboarding and a long way from fitting into any definition of what’s deemed to be generally cool.


That was sick.


Technically amazing skateboarding and the ender is great.

That was hammers all day long , defo smashed the back doors in and will be hard to beat for sexy skateboarder of the year . He knew it all along

He really deserved to get run over after pushing blind into a main road after that incredible crook.

It’s set menu Nyjah. Mad. No suprises. Will never watch again. Cheers for risking your life for the part though Nige. :call_me_hand:

Oh hang on there was one. The smith all the way round the curve. That was cool.


I watched this again, I’m feeling the Nigel.

:scream: (insert klaxon noise etc)


Appeared on my twatter feed. Makes a positive change from the latest Elon being a dick tweets.