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Doing the lord’s work Spanky. Fair play - the forum’s wicked!

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Just added google ads to the site. Let me know if it takes the piss.

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The ads seem to want me to get a civil service job for some reason

This, they are everywhere. Like after every fourth post in a thread.

Work Lurk Finance theme broken for some reason. Deleted. Will make a new one soon…

Have to do a software update tomorrow morning (Sunday 19th May, probably before 8am GMT) that will probably switch your theme to the default ‘Light’ theme. Patreons/Subscribers can just reselect their chosen theme. Any problems, just post here.

If you want to choose a different theme you’ll need to subscribe/Patreon. More info here.

This update’s done now.

I’ve lost my Marketing Pro work lurk.

Have lost all work lurks, just the white version.

Try now, themes should appear in your hamburger menu


Upgraded the forum and it fell over and I was too scared to reboot it. But rebooted it and eventually it looks like it’s ok. Apologies. But now I know what to do next time!

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There was an issue in Android on mobile where topics remained unread, started about a month ago. This should now be fixed.

If you haven’t tried reading the forum on mobile, do try it out, it works really well (IMO). Don’t know if anyone tried using the old sidewalk forum or slap on mobile, it’s so painful.





I save it as a Web app to my phone’s home screen.
Works really well and was wondering about the unread notification badges.
Glad that’s sorted.

Also I’m probably going to be changing the branding on the site over the next month or two, so these logos and fonts will change…

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Cheers Spanky.

I use it on my phone a lot and it is a big improvement on Sidewalk & MAS (Tapatalk).

If you allow notifications for Chrome/Safari on mobile you can also get alerts for DMs, mentions, likes, new topics, replies etc etc

Just upgraded forum, mainly bugfixes. It fell over but added swapfile so should be a little more stable next time I do the upgrade. Wallop.

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Was worried your server had caught fire :yum::fire: