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Not just the forum? Any other popular sites do it?

Thought I’d move previous comment to correct thread.

Also FYI love this thing on my phone.

Is it possible to Sticky the U.K. Video thread?

Then could we do a sticky thread for SOSs, everyone’s side hustles on here in a thread as well, Books, Zines, Furniture ;). Be nice to support everyone’s ventures in one place as well.

I don’t think it would clutter the forum at all, and I am sure you could mute those few threads if you wanted to.

After Covid, I want to support as many people as possible that aren’t a massive company would be cool to have places to see everyone’s stuff as well, especially as this place has an eclectic posting base :wink:

I don’t think we’ll need to sticky it. But let’s see. It’s not something that gets asked every week. Unlike ‘what board shall I get my 4 year old’

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I think it’s iOS related be ause it does it other sites too.

Where’s the button to blur text?

FYI: I got a Google AdSense policy violation warning re the Warwick thread (for it using vulgarities and threatening language). I’ve moved it to the mods only area so it can’t be seen by web crawlers.

Once I’ve worked out how to swap all the c-words out for something else I’ll add it back in.


My apologies

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Also sorry


Yeah sorry.

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Are youtube embeds broken? When I tried to add a link it looks like this

Yeah I think I saw something about it elsewhere. It’s noted, I’ll look into it. Sorry peeps…

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Ok there was a problem with European servers serving YouTube previews, should be fixed now…


Another reason why Brexit was a good idea


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