London Calling! 17th - 20th August

London Calling!
Dunno if anyone here will be interested in this but hopefully some might be…

“This 70’s event is a small tribute to say thanks and show respect to those 70’s skaters that laid the foundation to the best and most important skate scene outside of California.
So Join us in celebrating the 70’s skateboarders that helped lay the foundation for six decades of UK skateboarding. More news to come, please save the date. August 18-20th, 2023”


Interested to see what Steve Douglas pulls off here


Itinerary is coming together…


There’s a 70s skate forum?? I wonder how long it takes to load on an Altair 8800


that thread on rainbow pads, oh my days


Can I get a link please?

Seems like this ought to be in here too as he talks about the plans for this event

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Newest flyer with all the events on.


1976 are proud to support this event that we hope will become an annual event . .

LONDON CALLING! This year……is a tribute to show respect to those 1970s UK based skateboarders that laid the foundations for arguably the best and most influential skate scene outside California. Those 1970s riders were an inspiration to many across the UK and around the world.

Taking their inspiration from that influential decade and its pioneers, three instigators of this event moved to the United States in the 1980s to follow their dreams of becoming professional skateboarders and were all lucky enough to fulfil their dreams. Over the years all three have been frequently reminded that their journey to professional status inspired others to do the same. That in turn inspired others, which inspired others to follow in their footsteps.

RESPECT to the 70s pioneers, the fire starters that set the wheels in motion. That is what this event is about – an opportunity to say THANK YOU.

London Calling is brought to you by: Steve Douglas, Bod Boyle, Don Brown, Dan Adams, The Read and Destroy Archive, Iain Borden, and Juergen Bluemlein / The Skateboard Museum. Photography generously donated by Jim Cassimus, Wynn Miller, Tim Leighton-Boyce, Jerry Young and Robert Vente and others. Artefacts and ephemera kindly loaned by Rob Ashby, Paul Coupe and Adrian Wink and Ben Liddell. Content creation from Winstan Whitter / Colour Films and Neil ‘Science vs Life’ Macdonald.

Thanks are due to all our sponsors for their generous support.

Out of respect not for profit .

a personal note from Steve Douglas -

Skating started for me in '76, The guys that I looked up to and many others are well worth learning about, Jeremy Henderson, Mark Sinclair, John Sablosky, Mark Baker, Jules Gayton, Simon Napper, Jingles and so many others are the foundation of UK skateboarding…I hope some of you can make it and if not I hope you can follow on Instagram and the live feed.

Other key notes NOT on the flyers

  • Aug 17th- 6-9pm Opening night -The After party-Will be for the VIP and Exhibit guests. First come first served, my advice be early- We are looking at additional overflow options for a possible second after party TBC
  • Aug 18th The forum is sold out -11.15am -3pm finish -again be early, this will be live streamed also. The Livetream will be here please check back closer to the time
  • Aug 18th Meet up-The crown and anchor, I call it the 411 pub, this is where the seed was planted for a video magazine, our very own TLB lit a spark and the rest is history, it always make me smile, TLB is the man.
  • Aug 19th Southbank-2pm “Legendary skateboard photographer Wig Worland will shoot portraits of those who helped shape UK skateboard culture across five decades at Southbank.”


  • This is not for profit event, but in order to make this happen and cover all production costs for this event we will be selling a few limited items at a few London based shops and at the pure evil gallery, the shops are passing all or most of the profit on to us, so big thanks, we could not have done this without them and our sponsors.
  • What items are they?… limited edition Vans shoes, an event shirt and a zine…. Fingers crossed they all come through in time
  • Any money left over after all costs will go to the Ben Raemers foundation.
  • We would like to make this a yearly UK based event, (if this one goes well) if so what would next year be? the top 20 UK brands, skaters, mags or photographers from 70’s to 2024? Etc etc please email and let me know

Thanks for your time and I hope you can make it

All the best


P.S Nothing not a penny or a beer will go to myself, Bod and Don, we have dedicated our time and money to say THANKS to the guys that laid the foundation, they deserve this time to shine. RESPECT TO THEM!



Updated website link with sign up for the opening night


Looking forward to attending this tomorrow.
Exhibition launch happening now with our own @buildafire in attendance.
Anyone else heading down?

Heading in now for the exhibition in old st . Looks like it’s gonna be busy which is sick , loads of old heads attending.

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This was the overflow outside the gallery


Well, that was pretty banging.

See you in the morning, @anonymity - I’m meeting you for breakfast, hopefully. :slight_smile:


Didn’t expect so many OG legends from America there . Quite a treat

Jeremy Henderson’s personal photo album contains some of the best photos I’ve ever seen.


Is the forum thing late or am I doing it wrong?

Yeah it turns out that was a fuck up. Might be best that Winstan’s version is the one that goes up, he can trim it and adjust the sound and stuff.