Looking for a old sequnce from Sidewalk

Morning all, I am looking for a sequence published in a copy of sidewalk around 96/97 it is of a friend of mine Kieran Smith who passed away just after the turn of the millennium from cystic fibrosis. The sequence was him 50/50ing a diy rail down a set of stairs the same article or issue also had a photo of Paul Silvester dropping in off a toilet roof taken on the same day both were shot in Scarborough. If anybody could sort a scan of the sequence out or even just the issue number so I could keep my eye out on feebay for it I would be extremely greatful.

Can this to you tomorrow if that’s cool.


That is amazing thank you. I did try contacting Horsley direct through his website to try and find out who the photographer was but did not get a response. You have made my day thank you.

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I might have footage of the same trick actually as I was there that day.
I’m going through old Hi-8 tapes at the moment - if I find it (not 100% sure I still have that particular tape) I’ll get the video to you as well.

Horse never checks his website I’m afraid but it was him who shot it for sure.


Wow that would be amazing also thank you. It was about a month ago I emailed him but couldn’t quite remember if he was there on that day should of posted here first. The copy I had got ruined when we moved house a few years ago woke up to a burst pipe and lots of soggy boxes.

Can’t find this in Sidewalk up to the end of '97. Could it be later? Maybe @anonymity can point me towards it?

The Paul Silvester shot isn’t ringing a bell, weirdly.

Afternoon it could possibly be 98 but certainly no later than that. Sorry my memory has clouded a bit in the passing years.

Been through every issue up to the end of 1998 and I can’t find the sequence (or the Man drop in). Really want to know where this is now.

DM Horsley on IG?

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I’ll find it and let you know but it’ll be the weekend.

It’s not really a drop in though - it’s Man rolling down a roof and then kickflipping off it over a bar. A still.
Must be late 90’s I reckon as I filmed it on Hi-8 rather than digital.


Cheers chaps. It was definitely before 99 I am 90% sure of that :joy: and @anonymity that sounds about right I remember him being on a roof at some point during the day. Thanks again for your help the pair of you.

It was definitely 1998 just found this nugget of info here

Can not believe I have just seen this post. I have been collecting sidewalk surfer from 98 to try and get hold of this sequence for years. Still had no luck.
I am from brid. Was there that day. It was at skate jam set up by the lads in Scarborough and sidewalk (surfer) turned up. I was mates with Kieran. Went through school with him, Was on the roof with silvester at the time (I remember the picture being taken from underneath looking up so it might be deceiving). Bridmarble, I found the same old post a few years ago talking about it. Been buying any sidewalks from 98 that come up on ebay ever since. Who are you bridmarble? I must know you.
Would really appreciate any copy I can get hold of. Want to frame it and put up at home.
Sorry to tag onto this thread and ask. But it would mean a lot.


PM sent @Yoyo that is the same reason I am after it also. You have a better memory than me of that day I can remember the pictures in the mag clear as day mind.

I love how people pop up and are familiar with eachother in one way or another, from years back even.
This forum is great.


@Bridmarble @Yoyo I dm’d Horse on insta, hopefully he’ll get back to me.

I know I’ll remember this pic when I see it, every sidewalk from that era is etched into my brain


Thank I will do it this morning might have more look that way than through his website.

Can confirm it’s not in the April 98 issue (my first one, issue 25). Just had a flick through. I hope there aren’t pages missing in my copy or something though.

It doesn’t ring any bells with me either and like Spanky I committed those sidewalks to memory from April 98 onwards.

Good luck though!


Thank you for checking @Les_Zeppelin much appriciated. I seem to think it would be nearer the end of the year when it was published as it was red hot that day in so must of been summer time but as previously stated my memory ain’t what it used to be :laughing:

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I’ll look again then. What was the article?


I’m desperate to see this now. Invested.