looking for a Video from my good old days.

Hello all im new here but have joined because im looking for a video or at least confromation it existed, As far as i can remember it was called AS IF and it was shown on Extreme tv around the early 2000’s, i just started skating again after a long break and would love to see some of the old videos again.


Straight to video 2003 - YouTube this was the follow up to As if. It doesn’t seem to be on the yamaaar YouTube channel yet.

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Hello & welcome.

There was (is) a video called As If, but I don’t know if it was on Extreme though.

The one I’m talking about was rereleased as part of an Andy Evans DVD box set called This, That and The Others a couple of years ago (which is how I got to see it).

A lot of his work is on YouTube, so you might get lucky?


Welcome to the forum mate - I don’t think Andy Evans has uploaded a lot of his older videos to YouTube, most probably due to his use of certain tracks etc that means they’ll be taken down or muted. The DVD box set someone else mentioned is well worth getting if you can still find it.

Evans lurks on here sometimes - Ev Dog - what gives with you uploading your older videos?

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On the off chance it wasn’t an Andy Evans video, and I hope it was, this is from 2005…

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The Andy Evans box set is available here


Andy Evans is an absolute legend


As If is my favourite skate video of all time so massive big ups for this thread, we clearly started around the same time cos that was played on Extreme a lot back then. I mean the whole was fucking banging but the radlands section with iron maiden was so proper

tbh i actually had a weird feeling this thread would be about as if before i even opened it & i’m really not sure why.

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just seen the comments on here and theres a link to as if

(edit - can use offliberty to save the mp4 btw : ) )


Of course Evans has a BitChute account.

Good work Perv

Not heard of this before - how long has BitChute been a thing?

Nice one Pervert!

Edit: Sorry… answering my own question:
BitChute - Wikipedia

hmmm, ‘Far-right conspiracy vloggers have a new home’. Not suggesting he is of that mindset.

Is there any footage of the Concrete Wave show that was on Extreme? Used to love that


MY HERO! ive been searching for this for so long. cheers.


Absolute legends the lot of you. cant wait to sit back and watch this classic.

ah mate so have i, buzzing to sit down & watch it later !

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Yeah but the term ‘far-right’ is basically meaningless at this point.
Alex Jones et al use BitChute because they got kicked off YouTube by Google because of reasons.
BitChute itself is basically just what YouTube started out as before it turned into the censorious, advert revenue driven mess that it is today that will censor both sides of the political compass for wrongthink but happily leave disturbing kid-orientated borderline porn videos up.

Barbarians at the Gate?


Imagine if that shit came out now - there’d be uproar.

Underage nudity and crack - go straight to jail, do not collect £200.

Part 1

Part 2

Is the opening tune used in National Lampoon’s Vacation?