Looking for any old Birdhouse items

Hi! New to the forums & im just wondering if anyone would have any old birdhouse clothing or caps? Happy to buy or trade with anyone on here. Thanks for any replies! Just found this forum hope to be a regular. Here’s a picture of a recent board I picked up, still in the shrink wrap!

Birdhouse had some of the worst cartoony graphics ever. I don’t get why people are clambering for them now, same as hookups, although i can see why with them, if you’re a pervy neckbeard who wants to be a sexy pet pony for a girl with green hair who thinks she’s a mermaid.
You won’t get anything on here matey, look on FB groups.


@anon90826813 your not willing to part with your collection then? :wink:


Because if you missed the good part of the 90s this will do since it’s easily available, interchangeable and cheap.

Like if you wanted to get into collecting records and only went for James Last LPs.

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Haha, robbing this, it’s brilliant.

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Starting skating around the time Tony Hawk landed the 900 and launched his video games I must say that old Birdhouse graphic do make me nostalgic.

The End is also a weird classic.

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I was given a birdhouse tom green shit back in the day. I wish I kept it as I could of flogged it to that fruit cake that popped up a few weeks back.

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fuck no! I got Jeremy Klein to sign my Fox tail buttplug, i’m invested.


Used to date a girl who liked these.

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And no not for me to wear before before any of you cunts pipe up.


You’re a bad liar.

That obvious? :smiley:

Weirder still that it’s companies who currently sell pretty much the exact same stuff that these people are into. It’s not like there’s a diminishing amount of this product out there.

They’re just creating a false market for themselves because they don’t want to spend the money on the stuff that’s already desirably established. They’ll end up with a whole collection of stuff they hope will be worth a load of money but no one else cares about. The odd few might buy into it because they are opportunists but when they realise they have it all and no one else wants it, we’ll see laughable ebay asking prices.

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That’s a good point. “Hey, it’s cheap and still counts, right?”

It’s going to be the next biggest thing.

And at some point, we’ll get to a point when people are claiming vintage for something that came out 6 months ago.

What an incredible sentence. Bravo

I mostly like it due to the fact I was very young when I started skating in the late 90s is all. I still have some of my shirts from when I was a kid but obviously they don’t fit anymore. I’ll look elsewhere though no problem.

I started skating around the exact same time also, that’s all it is really, wanting some shirts or whatever from when I was a kid, now. But like a few have said, I won’t have luck on here so I’m not gonna push the envelope.

All good man, I’m mainly taking the piss. We all like what we did when we was were kids. Adults get nostalgic over pokemon and dragon ball things and they feel like 5 minutes old to me. You can’t help when you’re born. People do feel like the early 90’s is the only era to get nostalgic about, like certain era’s have a monopoly over others. Not everyone sees the impact of those times, only the times they witness at that pivotal age. So don’t worry. You won’t get any Birdhouse tat here but you might find a place to chat shit with total bellends that love that toy on wheels.