Marisa Dal Santo on Fancylad

Maybe not worth its own thread but

a) she used to post on N26 and has been mentioned in the classic Sidewalk forum thread.

b) she is a legend

c) fancylad is sick

d) it’s an excuse to post this.


More info and her chatting on this: scroll forwards to 20 minutes in.

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She’s my favourite female skater.

I doubt Fancy Lad is available here but I’d love to buy her boards.

This section was dope:

BTW - they ask her to ride for Fancy Lad on the podcast above.


It used to be available in the UK, I have one of these boards.

“I feel as though you could do a Chris Pulman and make a big comeback. When you’re ready to do that Mar’ make sure you bring a few empty burlap sacks to fill with the money you’ll make.”

Fancy Ladette.

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Big Marissa fan
used to watch this one a lot

That’s the one that brought her to the forum

The best thing with Marisa was that no one could make that comparison “you are a girl”. She fucking destroyed it. That Strange World part is better than many male pros.

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