Marmite skaters

Adrian Del Campo on Instagram: "🌬"

This came up on the random feed on Instagram. Can’t decide whether I rate his skating or if it looks wack (saying this as a lazy fucker who hardly ever skates any more)

Very precise but serious wind up with clenched fists

A bold look


nice to see him do something other than a flatland trick for once to be fair

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stinking but good? i guess that is marmite then yeah


I don’t know who that is, but he looks cliche as hell. Weak follower and probably a dick.
Jk, not serious, I don’t care that much, might be a nice dude, just likes to follow the trends. Tucked in shirt though, pfff.

Is thee trolling this evening?

Who me? I didn’t mean anything personal by it. I don’t know/ follow him. He’s probably sound. Just has such a coiled-spring style

Good skater, but his outfits scream of mid-twenties crisis

Wife beater to show off those gunz - check.
Fake mechanics workpants, extra baggy, but look more like school uniform trousers - check.
Tucked wife beater into same baggy pants, pulled up over ribs - check.
Slick back hair to finish that street corner gangster look - check.
Triple black vulc dainty slippers to accentuate the parachute pants - check.

Call the fashion police on this guy.


Spot on.

No @sotonjon.

That guy is a bit cringe but has legit sponsors so someone must be buying into it.

He’s got some pop.

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He’s sick I like him. Powerful shit.

I’ve seen much much poorer execution of same 'fit.

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My least favourite skate fit is really wide leg trousers combined with all black slim shoes. It really makes people’s feet look weird and tiny.

It’s why I can’t get into Casper Brookers skating - I’m always looking at his feet