Middle Aged Shed

These fix lots of things.

Although my Mum’ll tell you (as she did Teenage Me) not to use them to hem your cut offs - especially if they’re going to go through a hot wash. :grimacing:

There’s probably a screw on that knob somewhere to fix it properly though.


Should be a small hole in the handle somewhere, I think it might need a grub screw or the old one has fallen out. They’re usually a small hex key had (no, truck bolt key will be to big).

If the old grub screw is lost you should be able to get a new one from a hardware store or eBay, but you might have to get a few different ones on it you can’t work out the size

Sounds like a lot of hassle, probably easier to just move


Serious PTSD of the last house I rented.

My garden is a medium-sized one. I have both seasonal and perennial plants adorned with vibrant hues that never fail to bring a smile to my face. I’ve got roses, marigolds, hydrangeas, and chrysanthemums, adding pops of colour and evergreens lining the edge for a sense of permanent verdancy.
My pride and joy, though, is a little vegetable patch cultivated at one corner. From crisp cucumbers to juicy tomatoes, it’s a living salad bar that adds a fresh note to many meals.

But it’s not all about plants – it’s about leisure, too. At the beginning of the summer, I wanted to put some good furniture in my garden to spend even more time outside (we had a small table and 2 old chairs). So, I purchased this beautiful [Tulip dining set]. Strategically, I nestled it under the emerald canopy of my luscious apple tree. The dappled sunlight and gentle rustling of the leaves make it the perfect setting for brunches or to delve into a good book.

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I’m not clinking that link.


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Right on cue


Been tasked to make a chalk board in the kitchen by painting a rectangle and sticking some frame around it. I decided to put a few pins in the wood close to the corners to make better joints. Banged a load in then realised I’m directly in line with the radiator pipes. :grimacing:

I really hope I didn’t catch any, as it wouldn’t be the first time.

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Don’t you have one of those metal detectors for walls things (for cables/pipes/joists)? You only need to fuck up once for it to pay for itself and the peace of mind they give is priceless

Yeah got one in the garage. With no battery in. Didn’t cross my mind at all to use it. I’m out of practice.

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Mind blown


Need some advice mid lifers. Lawnmowers. Gotta get one, pretty big lawn, seems like a corded electric one is the best overall. Any reccs?

If it’s even marginally big enough for a ride on you should get one of those. I’d have one except mowing my lawn would basically consist of a three point turn.


I don’t need any excuse to sit down any more often than I already do. Budget is consideration also.

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Battery mowers are getting better. I’ve got a tiny law and we have a basic Flymo battery mower that is great. Long cables are a massive pain. These newer ones can handle 300m2 lawns on one charge.


But living the dream


Interesting. Pricey with the charger though.

Was thinking about this one ( will try not to buy from Bezos )


I imagine most will come in anyway, but get one where you adjust the cut length.

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I ended up with this after our petrol lawn mover fucked up for the 5th time.

Ours came with 2x 3ah batteries, which do run out quicker than you think but got a 5ah battery cheap. Can use the 18vs for other tools, strimmers, drills etc.

I use Dewalt and Milwaukee stuff so was a little apprehensive about these but they are pretty good to be honest.

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