Most rubbish skater to ever get a shoe

I find her the most unfunny and annoying person.

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Is it legacy or at the time they got the shoe?

Vallely was amazing but is a spanner now.

Duane Peters had a shoe on Iron Fist of all dogshit companies which was simultaneously a shocking shoe and a dirtbag skater.

Trapasso had fallen off by the time he got a shoe right?

Theres probably someone with a circa or maybe airspeed shoe who was stinking.

Nate Sherwood is probably a safe bet

Brad Staba?

Dont know why Im trying to win this but I think the worst has got to be Felix Arguelles

Honesty can’t believe no one has said Blondey yet


Colourway right?

Even then he shouldn’t be anywhere near it haha


As it was see-through technically not a colourway.


Nah Trapasso was shredding still.

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In reality Blodney shreds.

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Duane is winning at the moment


He’ll be stoked - the last thing he won was the Whittier comp back in ‘81.


Definitely by the time he came to get a shoe…but how sick was early Duane?

Only 41 years ago…


Feels like yesterday.

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Still a bell then

The answer is Wainwright.

It was also the worst shoe too.

The vote of mainly white 40+ year olds …, he’ll be buzzing

Nah man, the shoe was shit but Playing Fields Wainwright, basically anything other than 5G Covid hoax Wainwright is far from rubbish.

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What was his shoe?

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