Music that you feel compelled to share (live versions only?)

New thread because why the fuck not?

We had a Godspeed thread on the OG forum so it feels appropriate to start this with some GY!BE.
Put anything in here that you feel passionate enough about to want to stick on the jukebox and force attention from ‘the pub’ regulars, if you know what I mean. Or don’t, whatevs.
P.S. I know there’s a Music thread already but this one’s more of a inebriated epiphany piece.

The whole thing is amazing but I set this from 28 minutes (ish) in on the embed because it’s JOYOUS as hell.


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nice one. kinda like what “Be Kind, Rewind” is to the Continually Updated Footage thread!
Checking out the new GY!BE now. I’m enjoying the kinda Neu! motorik drumming, don’t feel like I’ve heard that from them before. Deffo joyous :slight_smile:

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Off to see them in MCR in January.


oh shit are they doing a UK tour again? will check to see if there’s a Scottish date lined up…
Edit: Barrowland Ballroom! woot!

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This is probably my favourite Fall live video (better than Hammersmith Blindness) because of how it builds from totally loose and ramshackle into something absolutely formidable. Encapsulates the whole tension in what makes The Fall great. Real statement of purpose in lyrics + delivery, the keyboard “intervention” sounds amazing, and bizarrely the whole thing is happening in the daytime outside in front of nonplussed Norwegians.


Jack Pivarnik

1 year ago

did the whole band smoke a bowl of crack before performing?

First track.

Sorry (not sorry) for spamming my own thread like Skane.

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Sorry ha ha ha

That Oh Sees track is amazing!

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I’m totally useless and can’t embed it!

me too!

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They’re so good live, last gig I went to back when that sort of was happening!

Best live thing I saw live recently was this guy playing this tune a couple of weeks ago, amplified very loud. I genuinely felt ready to batter someone.