Music thread

Heard he was a big fan of Frank Stephen’s In Motion section.

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I will see your Jesus and Mary Chain cover, and I raise you.

A Lords of the New Church cover, featuring one of The Stooges.

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Wow. He seems to have worked with some interesting people on this. No idea how.

Just realised how much I like the Pet Shop Boys.

Thats all.

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Someone has to.

This guy knows

Although Tennants contribution to Electronic was gold.

Domino dancing is great.

I thought he just did some backing vocals? I’m no expert though

Pet Shop Boys are wicked. Touring this year too.


Had main vocs on disappointed. Backing vocs on getting away with it helps make the track I reckon.
I don’t mind pet shop boys to be honest. Always quite liked Suburbia.

Ah don’t get me wrong I didn’t mind Electronic, I just didn’t know what Mr T really contributed. Fair do’s. I quite liked Suburbia too, bought the 12" when it came out and got the piss taken out of me by my fellow Iron Maiden fan club schoolmates.

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OOF. isn’t “don’t get me wrong” fairly close to a bad sentence startism that you mentioned in the other thread? I know how badly that reads too ha

Just kidding though of course :wink:

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Fuck, I hope not. I just genuinely wanted you not to get me wrong.

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haha, all good man

It’s a fucking minefield

I mean

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I saw a Kristin Hersh 7" the other day. If it had been Your Ghost I would have bought it, even though I have no idea on the origin of that inside joke or what it sounds like

in-joke aside your ghost is a banger.