N26...Revolut, Monese, Monzo

Anyone got one of these accounts? Good/bad?

Particularly interested in sub accounts and exporting statements

I used to be with N26…


Monzo is sick.

If you want a referral let me know.



Yeah pm me link at least you’ll earn something out of it. Actually don’t pm just drop it into the thread, you might get other referrals

I get £5 do it.



I’m with n26 for day to day stuff and Revolut as my UK phone number needs to be paid via UK bank account.

i got a monzo, but to be fair, i got the free fiver, got some ‘free’ beers and havent used it since

Just signed up with Monese. Very quick (I mean I needed a passport for authentication but it took like 3-4 mins. What is mad is that to get a second savings account with First Direct I had to post in a paper form and wait 7 working days EVEN THOUGH I ALREADY HAD AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM. Nuts.
Also looks good as I can have both GBP and EUR separate accounts. And they’re sending card to me in Estonia rather than my UK home address, which is great.

Use referral code ‘MARKD974’ for Monese, you get £15 and I get £15!

N26 verification could take 5 days, signed up anyway.
Use code ‘markb6117’

Signed up to Monzo so neddy earns a fiver too. Wallop. Neddy’s referral link earns him a fiver:

Going to use all three and see which one I like best…

I added the referral links because why not? At least someone you know is making something.

There’s a thread on reddit where if you take up all the new bank account offers you can earn over £400 basically for free

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I recently moved most of my banking to Starling and it’s the best banking experience I’ve ever been had. A lot of similar features to Monzo I think.

I’ve still got a Halifax account and it feels so old and archaic by comparison

Just signed up for Monese with your referal code.

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That’s 15 quid each! Wallop! :facepunch:


Card arrived yesterday so will go spend after work for our free cash

Going to do Monese today.

I’ve got Monzo and I like that it divides up all your spending into categories so well.

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Waiting for card to be delivered. I’m overseas so will probably take a few days…


The app itself for Monese is a lot more user friendly than my my both my current apps from high street providers everything seems a lot easier and simplified.

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Got my £15 today thank you free money rules!