Neil Blender

Reading this thread?

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lol. Like his standout video part or whatever?

Yep, that’s what Neddy asked a few posts up, in the post immediately before the standout video parts got posted.

Missed that cheers.

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I saw the spray paint mid comp run clip before.

Roskopp sold the most decks!

He was never the greatest skater, but he had that face graphic and did massive method airs off jump ramps.


Cheers boys. Glad I’m not the only one.

Can we have a Jovontae Turner thread as well please.

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Clan woolly pulleys :+1:

Poizone would probably do alright now. It was all Harris Tweed, Shetland wool and stuff. I remember Jamie saying that when you buy Harris Tweed you only get one label for every metre of it or something, so not everything they sold could actually have that label on it.


Neil Blender is responsible for this


Backside Ollie like whoaaaa

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Didn’t Davy move to Ireland, also working in some kind of eco capacity?

Years and years ago.

This thread is amazing - although at first I was worried that he’d been asked not to post on the forum.


this is great, reactions etc to his Footage part :


Neil Blender is rad. Always a fan. Have a coffee break tattoo


I was a total slack jawed yokel when I saw him cruise past

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Resurrecting this because:
a) I’m drunk
b) I’ve just broken up for Easter holidays
c) Neil Blender is the most influential pro skateboarder ever - this is a fact - you can argue with that statement but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Re his G&S Footage section.
Some years ago during the Vans Downtown Showdown event in Amsterdam (the one with the Palace ashtray/spliff obstacle) I, along with Rowley, Churchill and a couple of other people were asked to go on stage and talk about our favourite video parts.
I chose this one.
I walked on stage and said, “My name’s … and I’m an alcoholic. Neil Blender’s G&S Footage section is the most important video part of all time”
I rambled on uncomfortably throughout in a similar vein to the chrome blog post above.
The audience applauded at the end.

Later that night I made the mistake (?) of getting hammered with TP after eating a steak.
I threw a whitey during a screening of the Bones Brigade doc whilst sitting next to Steve van Doren. “Are you not enjoying the film?”
“No mate, I’m struggling”
Moments later I was in a broom cupboard puking up what I thought was blood (it was undigested steak).
Manhead found me and escorted me back to the hotel.

“That’s what we call gearing up for getting down.”


More Blender content

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