New skate product


Currently we are working on a sensor for skateboards to track the tricks performed, analyse the progress and to compete with friends. Could you help us by filling in the survey below? It will just take a couple of minutes and you would help us a lot!

Thank you!

Are you the same people who tried to do this last time? Or the time before? Or the time before?

These things never work.

Actually, first question on the second page is “How much is your net income per month?”

It’s rude to ask that. This is a skateboard forum and there haven’t been any questions about skateboarding on your survey yet, so fuck answering any more of that. I’m guessing you don’t skate or know anything about skateboarding, and - as many have before you - thought an app that records tricks would work and be wanted. It won’t.

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I dont need a sensor to tell me my board has been stationary in the garage for the last 365 days.


Tried to do the rest but one of the questions has untickable answers, and you can’t move past it.

If you can’t navigate the template for an online survey, I don’t trust you to make an app.

I’m out.

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Sorry man, I did not know it would offend people. It is not obligated to answer that question if you do not feel cool with it. I am asking that question to have a better indication on which target group to aim on. But if more people will feel the same way I will definitely delete that question.

I am doing my internship at Urban Sports Performance Centre, we are a organization who is trying to bring Urban Sports to a higher level with new innovative products and coaching professional urban sporters.

Sorry if it offended you!

I know this is your job, and I can imagine the kind of organisation it is.

You’re acting like you want to speak to skateboarders about a skateboard app, and before you even mention skateboarding you’re trying to figure out how much money you’re likely to be able to get from people. Or how rich skateboarders are. That makes me think you’re not doing this for entirely wholesome reasons.

For YEARS, people have been coming on here (and the previous version) trying to push an app idea, and it’s always the same. Sensor on your board, app on your phone. And it doesn’t work. The only app any skateboarder needs on their phone to check out how well they’re doing is Instagram. The video camera and Instagram. It’s too late to try to invent something that measures how high you’re kickflipping or something.

Honestly, if you’re trying to appeal to people who do “tricks” then these people are not going to be wanting extra costs and if they want to show off, they just film it in the same way they have for years.
Gadgets for skateboards never work, you can’t innovate and evolve things that just work.
You’d be wasting your time and money. This is not being negative either, this is saving you from disappointment.

Yeah, likewise.

Anybody who regularly visits this site will be able to tell you how many times this has been attempted, and how many times it’s failed. And it’s the same number.

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Thanks for the feedback! It does not always have to be positive, I was just was wondering how the community would think about it because we also have spoken to many people who were positive about it. It is possible to grade the product for example in the survey, by having more insight it would definitely help us.

I know gyroscopes and other motion sensor gizmos are pretty small now. But its already safe to assume your product will get in the way of actually skating.

App ideas that people present here, that never take off, include:

A sensor stuck to your board that records your speed, height, number of flips etc. (Boring, unnecessary, won’t work the way it should, and video footage will always be the preferred way to show off)

A social app for uploading your video so other people can comment on it. (Instagram works for this)

A user-editable guide to skatespots. (Will never be reliable)

Now, if you could make something like intelligent sock suspenders that are tagged to the bottom of your trousers so when you do certain tricks or moves it always corrects the length of them. you’ll never embarrassingly show off your ankles again and never fray your seams by treading on them. Trousers will be perfect again.


Peter Smolick’s trackie bottoms had velcro that attached to the back of his Osiris shoe.


I’m sure the skate Olympians and team GB will be keen. But they’re into skating for the wrong reason too.

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Yeah, I remember, but lets think more futuristic. Something that knows where your heel and your kinee are at all times and can counter the forces made on the garment via motion, force, gravity etc and it will force the trouser to always stay at base line.
Maybe it’s got legs, maybe not.

I’m not sure what this technology could add. I wear a Fitbit and keep track of my general fitness and activity levels. But with skate tricks you either make them or you don’t, and you know which it is when you either ride away elated or crash and burn. So unless you’re talking about a general activity tracker optimised for skateboarding, I’m not sure how it would work

Bullshit. People care about a thing called ‘style’.

Not that this thing will help with that.


No need to be a cunt for no reason. That response is perfectly valid.

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I think that’s the problem - you make a trick or you don’t. You do it with style or you don’t. I can’t see what technology can add