New skate product

How’s that being a cunt? Stoked you’re sticking up for your mate, since there’s three of you, but you reckon it doesn’t matter how a person lands a trick? Glad you’re not shooting photos or filming videos mate.

But your idea of style is a million miles away from mine, and there’s no app that could be configured to spot the difference between shit style and good style. You’d need sensors on your arms. And eyes.

Sensors on board, hands and knees to measure trick success, safety hands and jazzy legs.


It needs to know if you’ve looked up at the filmer too.

It is like a sensor which you can put between the trucks of your skateboard and it will not get in the way. There will be a combination of a app and a sensor so you can track your performance. I will leave a picture below of how the app will kind of look like. The sensor is not completely finished so I do not have a picture of it.

You need some camera with facial recognition to show your scowl when you do the trick, the app will then send the result to casting companies.


Believe me, it will get in the way, every part of a skateboard will get wear, there is nowhere to hide.

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I’m a vert skater so I tend to like different tricks, but flow and smoothness probably apply to all kinds of skating. Though I seem to remember talking a while back about Andy Anderson and whether he’s a great skater or a circus act. Either way, I agree with you on the app: you can’t configure one to give a view on that

I see - what sort of feedback can the sensor give you?

It is still in the development phase, but we ran some tests and at this moment it will be able to track down your speed, acceleration, height, airtime and rotation. We will try to add as many features as possible, features the community would like to measure.

About getting it in the way, we ran some tests and there was one ‘free’ spot on a skateboard and this was between the trucks. This is the reason why it will be designed to place it there.

what warranty / guarantee are you planning for the hardware?

As above, there is nowhere on the underside of a skateboard that is ‘safe’

Do you mean between the trucks like a riser pad? Or actually on the deck itself?

We have many options and a lot of people had different opinions about where to place it, but the feasability reasearch showed that it will be most likely placed between the trucks like a riser pad. At this moment we do not have any visual images or something, these will be ready in 2 or 3 weeks. I would love to share it then with you so you will have a better idea!

About the warrenty, we do not have something specific at the moment but a warrenty/guarantee for the hardware will definitely be involved when the product is launched!

Have you tried the middle age shred Facebook group ?. You’ll get more feedback there .


No I did not, thanks!

What does that even mean? It’ll tell you if your ollie was 3 inches higher this time? Your manny was less wobbly?


The product is now at the development phase, but after some tests the sensor is able to track down your speed, acceleration, height, airtime and rotation at this moment. We are planning to add more features which the community requires. I responded to someone else with a screenshot of the app, this could maybe give you a better idea of what it kind of will look like!

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Oh seen it now. Yeah I’ll leave you to it, good luck… walks away, whistles


Wait, I can triple my ollie?


I’m sure asking the Slap Pals for their take on it would generate some useful feedback. Try