New user? Coming from Say hi.

New user? Or coming from the old Say what’s up here. Let us know if you used to lurk or what your old username was.

Also, have a look at how you can get yourself up and running, unpin topics, change site theme etc by going here: Forum How-To - UK Skateboarding Forum

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Sidewalk Forum veteran. I was françois and now I’m franc.

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Only just migrated here from the forum. Same name as before. Alright guys?

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Welcome back @franc and @sotonjon!

Welcome back both!
I’m as I was before.

Same as I ever was (although not posted for the last couple of years on Sidewalk).

Trying to get back into the game.

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Aha… here you all are!

Same name as before (not that anyone should remember me!).


Alex here. I’ve come from Sidewalk Forum, but could never join it because the registration page Captcha was nackered. Looking forward to getting involved here and not just reading posts!



Heck yes.

Nice one @LordHercules and @skateparks, welcome


Never been on the Sidewalk forum, but I did used to read the mag back in the 90s / early noughties. Kinda forgot about skating for a few years (decades) after about 2004 and got in to MTB instead (which is also brilliant) but I’ve recently got back into it. Can’t do any tricks yet (I miss boardslides), in fact I can barely skate in a straight line or off a kerb, but give it a few weeks. Maybe.

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Nice one Will. How’d you find this forum??

From the Sidewalk Forum (I know I said I never used it, but I had a look and saw the link here, and this place seemed a bit nicer. And worked on my phone).

And cheers :slight_smile:

Hello, moved over from lurking sidewalk forum, didn’t post much but username was bennnnn.

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Used to look on the old sidewalk forum as a guest. Only made an account to buy some dvds once. Been skating about 20 years almost, still suck at it. Live in Carlisle and I’m navs younger brother.


I used to lurk the sidewalk forums and can’t even remember my account name. I found this place after a Legacy Skateshop link on FB. Really impressed with this place so far. Props to the dev who built it :+1:


posted a little bit on the old forum, hello from the north :slight_smile:

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