New user? Coming from Say hi.

The little baby jesus

Hey…just found this forum and it looks good so just joined. Probably older than most but just getting back on a board after along long time and loving it. So Hi People.


Welcome. I wouldn’t worry as there are a few ‘more mature’ people here.

Hello, long time sidewalk forum and slap lurker. Thought I would say hello and wish everyone the best. I’m still trying to work this out. All the best. Vov.


Yes 2_fiddy

What is vov short for

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That’s Ayrshire talk. This guy is sound.


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Vov is from a old slap forum post where a fictional Bob Burnquist is having a argument for someone. My mates and I say that when we have had a few to many cups of tea. Aye, shout out the shire. If anyone wants to come skate the shire give us a shout. And on a side note buildafire ( I dont know how to tag/reply yet) got me into one of favourite bands via the old sidewalk music section (siencevslife?)so cheers mate.

This seems like a lot for a reply sorry

I am pretty bevvied the now and I have decided to start posting on this Hopeful more sober/sating posts soon.All the best folks.



Conor here and his crew are the absolute best cunts out. Do keep posting. :facepunch:t3:

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sobriety deffo not a requirement for posting.

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I doubt that

big props for the Vov reference.
Those Chris Hansen vs VOV rap battles on Slap were so funny.

Link below if anyone’s interested (I could only find that one but there were loads).

Cheers for the welcome folks. Aye, I am a big fan of those Chris Hansen vs VOV posts on classic slap. Had a good laugh going through some of them on the train back tonight.

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Hey guys and gals. Returning skater here. I wasn’t all that much when I stopped in 2011 just used to do it for fun. I’m 21 now started back up with my bros, any advice for meeting fellow skater crews or friends? I’m in the Birmingham area if anyone wants to hang if you can put up with my reccurent fails lol. Practice makes perfect I suppose


Welcome mate.
There are a fair few Brum based people on here.

Your best bet is to pop into Ideal in Birmigham - they’ll give you the low down.
Also - there are a bunch of really active Insta accounts from Brum and stuff being built at Fastlands too.

Glad to have you here!

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forgot to press ‘reply’ - above was aimed at you @Will98

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Hey man! Glad to be here.

Cheers for the suggestions. I’ll check them out.

I miss the good old days of hanging with skater friends so would happily meet up and chill with some fellow skaters in a similar situation to myself. Or even just tag along with a crew now and then. Don’t often see anyone at my local skatepark baring some chavs lol. Although it is wet and cold right now…

And if you get bored @Will98 you can always come and moan about the good old days on here. Welcome!

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Seems to be becoming a regular thing of late lol. I may just do that! Always nice to talk with fellow skaters.


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