Not Stoked.

Pulled my lower back skating. Didn’t seem too bad but then i tried to lift a box and pulled it again.
So fed up with my back problems…

Stereolab have postponed tonight’s gig in Sheffield.

Working afternoon shifts this week. I wanted to get an hour skating at my local skatepark before I set off for work. Checked the weather forecast app this morning, it said 80% chance of rain at 10am. Knowing how unpredictable our weather can be, I decided to stay at home. It hasn’t rained at all. Missed an opportunity to skate.

Yesterday was not great.

At work we had ‘the meeting’ – you know the one, where they tell us that the business is struggling and they need to save a frankly terrifying amount of money over the next year, and that the bulk of that needs to come from employees. There is a voluntary redundancy scheme starting Monday (full details not announced yet, there was at least one more meeting after the one I was in), they’re open to reduced hours but if that doesn’t save enough (I doubt it will) there will be compulsory redundancies down the line.

I’ve been here about a year and a half and I’d be very, very surprised if I made two years based on that. So time to get polishing the CV. It wasn’t unexpected, but still not very nice.

So obviously when I got home I was chatting to the Mrs about all this (she knew it was on the cards) and possible options. I was stood holding littlun facing the window when what should I see but our car shunted backwards about a foot!

Some absolute clot had managed to reverse into it. And we’re not talking a gentle parking tap getting out of a tiny space (which does happen around us), this was a proper whack from maybe a car length away. I don’t know how or why, but she seemed to floor it in reverse for no discernible reason. By the time I’d managed to get out the house she’d disappeared into the distance.

I actually did get a dashcam recording (literally fitted it the night before) but the sun reflecting on the screen meant that the numberplate was illegible.

To make it even worse we’re supposed to be driving up to Edinburgh for a wedding tomorrow. The car seems fine, no visible damage and it drives straight but I’m not sure how much I trust it now. So do we go through insurance, or hope its OK, or what… If I’d not seen it happen I probably wouldn’t even know that it’d been hit.

And breathe. Hopefully a better day today.

Fuck Universal Credit and having a job.

Don’t feel bad if you end up having to get the train; trying to park in Edinburgh won’t make you feel any better.

Train’s not really an option, we’re actually at a wedding just outside Edinburgh (Livingston way) then in the Trossachs for a week. Should be fine. Probably.

Oh cool, that’ll be nice.

Yeah can’t wait to be fair. Taking my bike too, should be some good riding from the door. Not sure about skating but it’ll go in if it’ll fit!

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pulled something in the left side of my back on friday, tried to stretch it out yesterday and something popped and i could barely move, eating pain killers like sweets ever since

First speeding ticket in 21 years of driving… 35mph in a 30 zone.

Not 55 in a 54?



Just got back from the doctors and I now have both knees fucked.
First it was arthritis in the right knee and now it’s bursitis in my left knee.
For those unclear with the condition, it’s swelled because of excess fluid and upon even the lightest of touches, it can only be described as feeling like someone is thrusting broken shards of glass into the sensitive tissue of the knee.
I mean at the lightest of touches too, it’s weird.

sorry to hear that man. does it mean injections or anything? i really should go to the doctor about my knees but in typical form i’m scared that theyll make me do something about them

I have been prescribed Naproxen, some strong anti-inflammatory stuff and scheduled in yet another physio appointment for next Tuesday.
I still await news on the referral I should have for the other knee.

bloody knees. fingers crossed

I fell last night and fucked my arm/shoulder in some way…
it was one of those awkward ones where you are fired off ‘backwards’, did a stumbleroll and felt my arm get twisted weirdly, got up, was OK, full movement of all limbs.
Was sore: skinned a knee, knuckle, wrist and both elbows which were sorer immediately. after a few minutes recovery i got up and skated a bit, and felt OK.
Walking up the hill to my house shortly after, I tried to look at my elbows - right arm sort of straight out locked and then turned/rolled my arm over to see my elbow - ‘oh it’s skinned’
Tried to do the same motion with my left arm and as i tried to roll my arm over, it felt like my arm was about to pop out my shoulder socket and I actually yelled in pain. My arm/shoulder then proceeded to get sore AS FUCK throughout the evening. I actively resisted going to A&E, as I had full movement and no bruising/internal bleeds that were obvious - it was just sore.

copped some co-codamol and slept like the dead, and it’s not too bad this morning, gonna get my doctor mate to check it out later.

overall not stoked, but coulda been worse. Can’t remember an injury like this one previously…

Get to the doctor mate, it’s free.

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Sorry to hear that Mush. When you’re on the recovery, look into movement training, it’ll help rebuild the strength and flexibility - calisthenics, bodyweight training, yoga, pilates, all that stuff.

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