Not Stoked.

Oddly, and to the doctors bemusement, strength and flexibility are completely unaffected.
It just looks odd and if touched, it triggers my punching reflex.


Shit mush, you’re not having it good with your knees are you.
I’m having some success with mine with this AIM physio stuff although it’s throwing up all sorts of other issues that need to be worked on. You could look into it for your knees but no idea if it will help.

Have someone look at it anyway cmac :wink:

Just found out from an old dude customer that Rik wakeman is doing the last ever performance of Journey to the centre of the Earth this weekend above SB.
Not a Yes fan particularly but have a real soft spot for Journey etc as It was the first LP I listened to as a kid because I was crazy into dinosaurs. Always wanted to see it live. Trains don’t work out to get back same night and have not really got the money this week to stay overnight. Oh well.

Dragged my bike all the way up to Scotland to play on some hills inbetween family stuff. The couple of days I had some time AND the weather has been amazing I got a shitty sickness bug (and stayed up till nearly 6am with the littlun) so was far too fecked to ride. Bah.

Good holiday all round though apart from that. And the car is fine.

I got bursitis in my right knee. Had it once or twice and would go in a day or less. Last time I got it lasted nearly a week I think. Couldn’t bend my knee to get in the car but still had to drive. I couldn’t lift my leg I had to use my hands to lift it. Feels like someone is scrapping behind your knee cap. Doctor told me paracetamol and ibuprofen and if it doesn’t clear up come back and can sort some physio. I tried to strengthen it and luckily haven’t had an problems since then but so worry it’ll come back

Bit of an awkward situation as I have a 3hr stint of footy for charity to go to in a moment.
As I mentioned before, it’s just painful to touch so I hope I don’t get caught by anybody.
Running and things do not hurt it although I’m aware it’s not going to do it much good.

Any good in goal?

Not bad but I get bored. I have energy to burn.
All done now.
Might ache a touch in the morning.

One for the mods- Keep getting a gnarly pop up that redirects me to some site, took me like 20 tries to post this!

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This is weird and most definitely not cool. Shouldn’t have any pop ups like this. Are you a subscriber? Can you click on it once and pm me the URL it sends you to and I’ll block the advertiser

This isn’t the UKSF site, it’s some malicious software that’s somehow got on your iPhone.

I’m afraid you’ll have to follow the instructions here @42069666

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Nooooo fucking way! Yoooo nice one spanky that’s dope you sussed it! Cheers!

Exact same pop-up thing happened to me on Saturday several times. Used to happen a while back too. Has only ever happened on the forum and no other sites (which might just be coincidence - not saying it’s uksf’s fault).

Yeah, I got the same thing on my phone. Stopped now but I’m not really sure why - I closed some other open browser tabs and apps.

Please try screen grab and seed what site it directs you to or see if there’s weird URL in bar and forward to me please…

Just got back from holiday, been away about a week. Went to basement (I live in apartment block) to get bike to go to the shops and my lockup had been broken into. In fact, everyone’s lockup had been broken into.

BUT…both my bikes still there (fixie and carbon-everything racer). Door was wide, wide open and the first thing you see when you go into basement is basically my 2 unlocked bikes.

Bizarre. Maybe someone was disturbed or they were looking for tools or something. Or maybe all lockers were broken into to find access to some water supply (our water supply tap is randomly in someone else’s locker), and maybe it was an emergency.

So not stoked there was a break-in, stoked nothing was taken, not stoked I got to fix the fucking lock. Not reported anything to police yet, we are just checking if any neighbours know anything.

They saw it was a fixie, screamed in rage and ran off :joy::joy:


Just got home from work, Mrs asleep on the sofa, one son upstairs, 18 month old son nowhere to be seen until went out the back and found him alone in the back garden.
Woke up Mrs to say this isn’t really ideal, she’s now back asleep and I’m having to look after them.
This might seem quite a small thing but I don’t consider sleeping when you’re supposed to be looking after a toddler very responsible and it’s not the first time this has happened.
Really pisses me off.

if i found my 18 month old wandering in the garden and my missus was asleep i would be livid. i get annoyed enough if i think she’s on her phone too much and he’s not getting attention

Yeah, I wasn’t at all pleased and probably let it go a bit too lightly.
I’m too tired for arguments, which is what it would probably lead to.

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