Not Stoked.

Wife’s 94 year-old gran, who has dementia, fell down the stairs last night and had to wait five hours for an ambulance. Stoked she’s got a hospital bed, not that anybody can visit, but not expecting a positive outcome here.


Positive thoughts build x

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Thanks. Gotta be realistic too though.

This sucks. Same thing happened to my grandma on Christmas day and she’s still there…and has caught COVID in the hospital.

I have my gran at home with me going mental about Covid all fucking day.

From my experience, I would avoid the ones you get in supermarkets, when my cats were suffering with fleas it didn’t seem to do anything. Went to the vets, and they recommended Stronghold which did the trick.

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Yeah I’m with Starling. Best bank I’ve ever been with. Best banking app I’ve ever used.

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As someone who has n26, first direct, HSBC, Monzo, monese, starling, NatWest, revolut, swedbank, LHV, Amex, TransferWise, InBank and SEB bank accounts I feel qualified to reply and would have them in this order:

First direct

Monese account was easiest and quickest to get
Starling I had no problems with either
First direct great for customer service

Some of the newer challenger banks have some weird transparency where they show authorisations on your account (like prepayments, where money is held but not debited), and it isn’t taken off your account until x days after. Which can be very very confusing and I hate it. Iirc starling and monese didn’t do this.

TransferWise account is a must if you ever want to send money overseas or use a debit card in another country and not get turned over with charges.

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I’ve got conjunctivitis and my boiler is leaking water so I have to have a plague carrier come into my house sometime during my sons bedtime routine tonight to hopefully fix it.

I blame Brexit.


Also my wife got the email from her work with the number to book in her vaccine. Hooray.

She’s tried calling it 130 times today with no luck. Boo.

Fucking Brexit.


Water pipes had frozen this morning, resulting in mains water gushing all over the kitchen floor. I hate water when I’m not in control so I’m under the sink with it spraying in my face. Managed to get it sorted plumber came out and can’t sort it til Monday. So no water til then. Thought the house was going to flood and fuck everything.

Thanks mate, good to know. Ours has her annual jabs on Monday, so I’ll check with the vets.

Fuck , not good. That’s one of my fears is a pipe bursting especially when I’m not around.

My family in north Scotland always leave their cold taps (especially outdoor /garden pipes) dripping in freezing weather to stop water from sitting, freezing and bursting the pipes .

How come the plumber can’t fix it?

Not sure, parts availability I’m guessing? He doesn’t give me much confidence as he was ringing another plumber and facetiming him. He’s just the plumber the letting agency use. Just glad the waters stopped and it hasn’t done any damage that we can see. Couldn’t imagine living in a house that floods.

After almost over a year of trying to deal with this cockup I got a letter saying some random dickheads have taken my cheque and banked it, despite it not being for these people. I’ve been given the bank they’re with, their names and some partial account details. How can they cash my cheque without any proof of ID? What’s happened here?

Left the letter to the police now, hoping I get to hear back soon. The police officer I was dealing with on the matter was pretty helpful around the time I first called last year, so hopefully with this new information

(Context: In November 2019 I had a check for a tax refund of a decent amount, however I didn’t receive it. Another cheque was sent when I rang them up to say I hadn’t received it but still, nothing came. Apparently it had been cashed and HMRC essentially said ‘‘that’s that, however you can speak with the police if this isn’t you that cashed it’’. I spoke with the police and they were dealing with it, in which I had to contact HMRC with all the details of evidence I hadn’t cashed it into my bank + the crime ref and the PC’s details. They couldn’t even tell me when anything would be dealt with and suddenly well, corona virus happened a month after that. For almost a year I was pretty busy with things in life and I thought of chasing this up in the new year as things calmed down so, nothing has happened until this letter).

Sorry for long post - didn’t know how to really surmise this without wall of text!

Urgh. That’s shit. Our boiler is intermittently tripping and losing pressure. Been like it for a while and hasn’t worsened and am trying to fumble through till it’s not needed so much/it feels a bit safer having someone come in the house, but starting to think I might need to get someone in. Proper nause up.

Need to replace a boiler too! Fucking yay!!!

Mines been leaking for the last few days. Had an engineer come round and they have to take the whole thing off the wall to fix it.

Fucking pissing amazing shitting things.

You’ll be so stoked with your new one. New boilers are amazing. I can turn mine off and on with my phone and al sorts. Not that I need to because it knows when to go on and off or when we need a ‘boost’ anyway.

Obviously with that comes the concern that Bill Gates and Tim Cook will know when I’m a bit chilly but that’s a risk I can live with.


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