Not Stoked.

All sorted now. Just to to wash everything that we used to soak up the water

Mate, its not even for a house I live in. I get fuck all of the benefits of it and AAAALLLLLL of the bastard expense. Total lose lose


2 homes? Nice :wink:


First world problems right?

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Sympathy draining away, like the water pressure in a broken boiler.

I knew you’d understand… x

I hate British Gas with a passion, but they do deals on interest free Worcester Bosh boilers.

Just hope you don’t need to speak with any customer services after it’s in.

i got a new vailant boiler a few years ago and it is great - except that the bottom of it inside went rusty - every year the dude came to the service and confirmed that nothing was leaking and so it was a total mystery. fairly recently after some very heavy rain i came in to see a puddle of water underneath the boiler on the kitchen worktop. it turns out during heavy rain the gutter above the pipe where steam goes outside would overflow and there was a tiny little hole at the bottom of the piece where it joined the wall underneath the pipe where water would collect and then go down the pipe and drip into the boiler and collect at the bottom, then get hot and evaporate thus leaving a residue which went rusty. but it was only during really heavy rain it was wet enough to drip down onto the worktop which is why it went undiscovered for so long. my solution was to tape a little plastic saucer (one of the things you put underneath a plant pot) upside down onto the top of the pipe so the water hits that and runs off and doesnt fill up in the little hole. is pretty annoying but i was so pleased to at least find out what had caused the rust and this at least means it should not get any worse…

Wasn’t having a great day and got a verbal bashing on here which made me feel shit. Had to sign off for the first time in a long time. No hard feelings but this place can be a proper vibe fest at times and I’m not surprised some new posters feel irked. The experience reminded me of rocking up to a spot or skateshop as a grom.

Also, trying to sell my bike. Not one hour after posting my ad I got hit up by three spammers trying to pull clever scams.

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Tax return submitted. Also posting this in “Stoked”

I was thinking about just not bothering with that stuff for a while. Since everything’s so up in the air, maybe they aren’t checking?


Whats that scheme called where you can pay whatever amount you think the meal is worth in restaurants?


All restaurants? They won’t like it but you can…


Same- they owe me 1700 quid. That never happens

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I could fucking cry, leak in our roof, gonna be up swapping buckets all night. Fuck sake

What kind of roof? Our flat extension roof sprang a leak a while back so I got this stuff from screwfix that you can whack on there even if it’s still wet/raining until we could get it done properly. Which reminds me we really should get it done properly at some point.


Yeah flat extension roof, will have to wait until tomorrow for a temporary fix and then get it done properly when it’s dry

This stuff:

Neat. Thanks for thelo info. Got a guy coming tomorrow so it’s getting fixed one way or another. Only realised there was a leak when it was already too dark to fix it myself. Plus I don’t particularly fancy climbing into the second floor roof in the wet

Bloody houses

What a way to start the day?
I replaced the two front tyres on the wife’s car in December.
Mainly because she gouged a huge chunk of rubber out of one some fucking how in a multistorey car park.
Just got a call now and she’s done the same thing as before but burst the tyre this time.
Of course, this now becomes my fucking problem to solve.


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