Not Stoked.

I know a beer garden that’s good for back pain…


Thanks for the support @ciaran @hugo @nazoreth

I’ve sort of come to terms with it. I feel like it’s a failed step on my “5-year plan” (absolutely hate that term) but they’ve laid out a plan basically to fill in the blanks where I didn’t meet the criteria (they’re putting me in for an industry based qualification which was listed as strongly preferred as opposed to essential) so I know they’ve got confidence in me for the future. Just apprehensive that I’m going to both be training my next manager and they’re going to turn out to turn out to be a power hungry prick.

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Try and just crack on and be as professional as always. Maybe he’ll hate it and you’ll get another shot really quickly.

The oven has broken. Mid roast!

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That’ll be a bit pink then

Horror scenario. Happened to me last year

You can still save it, convert to a pot roast but do it on the hob or crock pot and it’ll be delicious still. Forget about the oven admin until the bank holiday is over.

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Twins in my son’s class and our babysitter tested positive for covid. Feel surrounded by this shit right now even though the country (Belgium) is about to open up again.
Getting my son and me tested tomorrow morning as a precaution.

No available oven elements anywhere until mid June.

Looks like it’s the summer of pot noodles.


What brand is it? There’s fully working prop cooker/ovens at the studio stores. Could see if any match and we could do an element swap :wink:

It’s a belling, the sites I’ve tried a few sites and they all ask you for the specific model number. I presume they will explode into a million pieces if I use the wrong one.

I’m going to try phoning some local repair places tomorrow to see if they have anything. The part is only £20, so it’s just annoying that I can’t get it done myself.

Thanks for the offer though.

Currently quarantined till monday earliest. Had to cancel long weekend away we had planned. Yay.


How open is it going to be for tourists next month, do you know? I have a week off at the end of June and am kind of in the mood for a mitraillette.

Son tested positive for covid. I tested negative. I have to get tested again tomorrow and next friday. The chances of not catching it now are slim.

fuck. sorry man. how is he doing?

None of us have symptoms.
I get ghost symptoms yhinking a headache might be starting or a sore yhroat but really nothing.

oh glad to hear it. guess you’re all stuck isolating still then

Me my wife and daughter tested negative which is good. Just one more week.


If this is a lie, why would you post it? If this is true, why would you post it?

Isn’t it mental health week. Maybe trying to raise awareness that you can’t tell what people are thinking? But I don’t think I would if I was in his position.

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