Not Stoked.

I feel for you!

We had a short outage recently & my Son was (almost) convinced it was a cyber attack specifically on us.

My offer of a game of dominos did not go as well as I’d hoped.


Rest in peace Damo Suzuki.


I hope I’m wrong but I think Danny Sargent passed away yesterday.

Fuck. Seems to have been confirmed by his daughter on insta, stating a battle with depression. RIP

Ffs man. Shit news.

Bit before my time, he was on New Deal right?


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Shit, he was one of THE street guys of my era


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Oh man, sad news. Go out and do some proper slappies for Danny. RIP Sarge.


oh man! I watched a few bits of an interview with him not only the other week.
I’m gonna turn up my jeans in respect.

Ahh, RIP.

Didn’t Danny Sargent axle a pair of Indy’s in 24 hours or something legendary like that?

Some people seem to be saying he’s alive and his dad passed away and the IG post was about that. Hope that’s the case and just a bizarrely opaque IG post with his daughter in the pic.


Looking at the IG again it does seem strange as he posted a pic of his dinner only 3 hours before that final post. Praying it is a mix up. He did say that his dad passed on 4th of Jan though.

Science vs life post is down so hopefully he’s okay

Texted Steve Douglas, who didn’t know, and he’s trying to call Danny now.

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Sarge is alive and well and just a dumbass :+1:t3::two_hearts:


One of my wife’s friends parents offered us on of their holiday homes for a week as a wedding present a couple years ago, never got round to taking them up on their offer.

Finally arranged to stay at their house in St Ives and arrived couple hours ago. About to head back to Plymouth as the boiler is broken. At least it’s pissing down all week.


Jeez, that was a trip reading the last 10 posts, glad Danny Sargent is alive. I’ve watched his New Deal footage so much as it’s sick and semi-relateable.


Hurt back. A single specific vertebrae thingy feels like it’s been hit with a hammer and chisel. Came out of nowhere last night and was awful this morning.

Had tens machine on for a few hours, nowt, deep heat/red tiger help a bit along with ibuprofen.

Looks like skating is out for the moment and I’ll be lurking this weekend instead if it doesn’t get better :grin:

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I’m still tender since pinging mine at Christmas. Been to the physio in the last few weeks and that’s helped a bit. I should be at snakes for the game of skate.

Heavy lurkin’