Not Stoked.

She’s not the drug type really. Waiting on round of treatment to slow progression down. Shit for her tbh as she’s been running a lot over the years and kept generally healthy etc

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Couple of years back I had chronic neck pain, really, really bad. Went doctors who said try dentist, dentist thought it might be my wisdom teeth that are still in my gums. My Mrs said try osteopath and said osteopath sorted me within two massage sessions.

Chiropractor seemed a bit weird, just wanted to crack my back for 90 seconds @ £35 every couple of weeks. Just all a bit sus that was.

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Ditto. My younger sister was diagnosed in her early 30s. She’s doing ok though. The only time she took a strong dip was when she stopped her meds. There’s been a couple of major setbacks for her but overall she just gets on with her life and enjoys herself. She got back in the saddle after riding for years as a kid. She rides with low hanging stirrups and apparently it’s good for her legs as she finds she can feel her legs more. Also the horse senses and helps her too.

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Am I confusing chiropractors and osteopaths? Which one is the fake science? NHS website seems to accept that both aren’t evidence based but still offers both as treatments

My missus was diagnosed back in 2007 and besides some scary looking MRI scans where you can see the damage her main issue is fatigue which she manages with reduced hours at work. It’s a scary time for your sister and her loved ones especially when you start reading up about prognoses but it’s not a death sentence or anything like it. She’ll be okay.

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Yeah, Chiro is a bit kooky tbh and I really wasn’t into it, just felt like throwing money away. Osteopath was massage based when I went and fixed my problem fast. Not been to a physio for over 20 years when I was referred whilst living in Cheshire.

Quick NHS website search suggests I can book something with a physio in this week :+1:

Next doc appointment via online booking is 8th August lol. Don’t get ill.

Booked physio for Thursday morning, £38. A gross state of affairs, can’t believe Wes hasn’t fixed this yet.

Sounds similar to my sister regarding fatigue. She’s had steriod injections and a few scans recently, formal diagnosis was week before last.

I’ve had issues with my back for ages. Chiropractors can give some quick relief but nothing long term. Excessive or unnecessary cracking can even make you feel worse.
Osteopaths aren’t bad even very helpful if you find a good one. I had one who did acupuncture too which helped.

But overall it’s working with a good physio that’s helped me the most because they understand mobility and strengthening which is what you need to fix bad backs.

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And this is the whole point about being medically recognised, the nhs won’t refer you to an osteopath but will for a physio.
Osteopaths do have to be qualified and are regulated in the uk .

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RaD book got returned by Royal Mail :frowning:
Was really looking forward to have a gander later. Messaged to sort it so hopefully will be here soon.

Got a mad case of man flu at the minute. Shivers and head aches. Not felt this bad since COVID times.

Ouch. If it’s any consolation the Physio told me not to skate for the time being :unamused:

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Nooo. Hope it gets better. Did the give you a load of exercises to do?

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Turns out it’s my left hip and the muscle around that area. Been given two exercises to do with my left leg, three times per day. Going back next Thursday. I’m hoping I’ll be back up to speed soon.

Keep tissues handy and get some rest whilst you have the flu :+1:


Fucks sake. Surely that’s it for him now.


That and the fact that it seems like the Trump campaign want him to stay, got to be time to go.


He also called VP Harris “ VP Trump” without realising.

He’s got to go.


My hope is that he trying to hang in to win the election then hand it over to Harris a few weeks in. I doubt the general population of merica would vote her in if he backed out now. No other names have been brought up who might replace him.

Doesn’t look good.

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The whole world, apart from the circle around him, knows what needs to be done (and have done for months, if not years). This is beyond frustrating.

He shouldn’t have access to car keys let alone nuclear codes.

The writing has been on the wall for weeks now. With his own side calling for him to step down there is no fairy tail ending here.

Why is it obvious to nobodies who don’t even follow American politics that they are heading very rapidly for a cliff, yet the people around him can’t see it. It’s bizarre.

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