Not Stoked.

Yeah Im ok. Just frustrated because my wife is desperate to move and now that’s gone out the window.

It’s not even covid related. Not really.

Basically what happened is that in January our company was going to go under.

At the last possible second a new company bought us out.

At the time were were like… Hmmm they have a big marketing department. Why are they going to need us?

6 months down the line they must’ve asked themselves that question.

Basically I set up the online marketing of this company single handedly. I made all the landing pages. I set up the accounts. My ads generated 1.3 million in sales, 1.2 mil net profit in the old company over 2 and a half years.

The same thing will happen with my ads at the moment. Sales from my ads are probably on 160/80k for the year from a maybe a 20k spend and that’s with all the shit going down.

They’ve basically found a way of automating the process of how I take my leads and put them on our system which took a huge amount of my time.

I also design and post up all of our social media shit as well.

A get 5 weeks pay and their warm regards.


Man that’s desperate. Sorry to hear that.

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Sorry Les.
Baffling to think that people are eventually going to be responsible for automating themselves out of jobs.

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Welcome to my world.

Now they can set and forget adwords and watch all the leads come in. I’ve even been trying to automate stuff myself for ages so I can do other shit. Turn out they don’t need the other shit either.

Oh well. Finding a new job at the moment is going to be such a ballache.

Sorry to hear this, there’s a lot of it about. Hope something comes your way really soon.

Sorry to hear that Les. I seem to remember you and your colleagues were thinking of going solo back in January when it looked a bit ropey last time, could you do that?

Well if I get made redundant want to start an agency? Haha.

@Les_Zeppelin I’ve managed to get a few cash in hand jobs over the last few weeks.

Sorry to hear that @Les_Zeppelin hope something comes up. Your skills are still valuable so am sure you’ll find work soon…

Very valuable.

i’m a tech in web hosting. happy to pass along CVs with a cheery reference for any of you if you have windows or linux skills. no clue how recruitment is working currently but still happy to try

Heres how many leads I generated since June 2018 and my conversion rate (on a 10 step form including phone number)

Come and get me girls and boys. :smiley:

That is high. My conversion rate of ecommerce sales is 1% and I’m buzzing off that average order value of maybe £700. Not that I’ve looked for a few months!

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Haha cheers but that’s a no and a no. Tech shit is beyond me.

Hmmm, looks like you had a big slump around March/April/May time, maybe it’s because of that?

JK, sorry. That shit sucks. Been seeing alot of it about, there will be quite a few people out of jobs soon. It’s mostly because this period has outed all the middle management that do fuck all apart from have meetings and blue sky talk while the under paid below them sort it out. Luckily you have skills so you’ll be good.

The new owner the company. Fucking hell. I’m embarrassed to hear him talk because I really didn’t think people like this existed. These are the stream of consciousness notes I took from our last ‘meeting’ last week.

He told me off for saying ‘my’ not ‘our’ and now I know why.

The big book of management cliche shit that flows out if his open sewer of a face. Fucking hell. He’s like turbo Brent mixed with partridge but a proper ruthless cunt behind it all.


innit, the stories my Missus tells me with their company. Some unreal fuckwits blindly wandering around claiming ideas from people being paid 20k and they’re getting 80k.
Companies learning some efficiency is a good thing but not when thousands of people are chucked out and their skills are no longer needed because everyone has gotten rid of their chaff. Like I said though, your skills are still needed, you’re obv not the above.

this really is becoming a thing - the whole off/near shoring thing is slowly being replaced with automation. Macro wise lets hope it gets nipped in the bud. Not sure how governments can sustain it. Deep joy.


Nope because the people I was going to do it with are the directors of this company now and my boss was the one who Freddo Corleone’d me today so I doubt she will jump ship.

I would like to go freelance but I could never bring myself to go away from having a guaranteed wage each month.

I wouldn’t recommend it either, there’s extra money to be made for sure and a lot of people fall for that but the security of the guaranteed wage is worth more in my view. I did it for a year and took about 2 weeks holiday for the entire period, it’s an easy trap to fall into and I’ve seen others do it and knacker themselves out.

move to a new place? new job?

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